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ADATA Launches Stylish and Versatile Sync & Charge Lightning Cables

ADATA Sync & Charge Lightning Cables
Quicker, Safer, and Reliable Connectivity and Charging

ADATA recently launched the Apple MFi-certified Sync & Charge Lightning cable series for hassle-free iPhone, iPad, and iPod charging and cross-device data sync, helping users access more efficient mobility. The 100cm-long cables offer a highly stylish design and high-grade wiring to support 2.4A charging, cutting down on battery top-up times. Cables are insulated to eliminate electromagnetic interference, and ADATA offers a 2-in-1 version that combines Lightning and microUSB interfaces.

MFi-Certified and Totally Chic

Sync & Charge Lightning cables carry official Apple “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” endorsement, meaning they are tested for Apple devices to ensure quick, reliable, and efficient cross-device data syncing as well as charging. They ship in multiple colors so customers can pick the ones that best suit their style. Products are offered in black, white, blue, pink, gold, silver, and titanium. The 2-in-1 Lightning/microUSB version is available in white. The wide color choice allows users to find a match for their own devices, plus a cable tie is provided for effortless management and storage.

High Quality Materials Inside and Out 
Sync & Charge Lightning cables utilize 24AWG (American Wire Gauge) tinned copper wiring which supports a 2.4A current. This allows for rapid device charging to save time and increase efficiency. The long-lasting wiring inside cables enhances data transfer quality and reliability across all devices. Premium materials extend to cable sleeves, which use multi-layered construction to minimize potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other harmful emissions. The cables are highly elastic and can be folded without damaging internal wiring, giving them an extended lifespan.

ADATA Sync & Charge Lightning Cables Features

Extra-Convenient 2-in-1 Option
The white 2-in-1 version includes a built-in microUSB adapter that allows the cable to be used with Apple devices as well as compatible Android devices, ensuring nearly universal coverage that brings the same luxurious design and meticulous quality to the widest user audience possible.

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