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Viber enhances its messaging and calling experience with new features!

Share Contacts and Content
Easier video calling, animated stickers, visual previews of shared content and updates to desktop and
tablet versions allow Filipinos to fully enjoy app upgrade

Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps with more than 600 million users worldwide, has released its latest update (v5.5) for Android and iOS users, with a number of improvements designed to make sharing within the app more intuitive and fun.

“We’ve been listening to feedback and it’s clear that our users enjoy Viber for more than just text messaging,” said Ofir Eyal, Head of Product, Viber. “This update makes it easier for people to share richer content within their messages. With improvements to our voice call quality and our video calls interface, plus fun features like animated stickers, we are growing and maintaining a strong global user base by increasing engagement within the app.”

Share Contacts and Content

With this latest release users can now share contacts from their phonebook as a Viber message. Recipients will receive the contact info, including name and photo, with an option to easily save them to their contacts.

In addition, when a user drops a URL into their chat, Viber will now automatically create a message bubble with an image from the site they are sharing. By providing a visual preview, this new enhancement makes the content instantly more engaging and encourages further sharing.

Video Calls Made Easier
Almost 250 million video calls are made on Viber each month. In this latest update, Viber has redesigned its video calling interface to provide more intuitive triggers for starting video calls from various places within the app. Users can now initiate a video call directly from their contact’s profile, or from their recent calls list.

Knowing that data usage is an important consideration for users, Viber also continues to improve voice and video call quality whilst preserving low data consumption. Viber data usage automatically adapts to the network quality of the user. A minute of audio call requires a maximum of 416KB/minute on 4G or WiFi, between 151 and 244KB/minute on 3G and only 84KB/minute on a 2G network.

Video Calls Made Easier

Animated Stickers
With more than 500 sticker packs now available to choose from, Viber is celebrating this milestone by adding animated stickers to its Sticker Market for iOS and Android users. Featuring some of Viber’s most popular characters including Violet, Freddie, Eve, Legcat and Rudy, these animated stickers add a burst of personality to any message. Animated stickers featuring lots of well-known characters and licenses are also in the works. Available now worldwide, Disney’s ‘Inside Out’ pack leads the charge with a character to express - literally - every emotion from Joy to Anger; Fear to Disgust!

Enjoy Viber on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets
In addition to the v5.5 update for Android and iPhone, Viber has updated its feature set for all secondary devices. The newly released iPad version allows users to sync Viber on their iPhone, iPad and Mac simultaneously and continue their conversation on whichever platform suits them best at any given time. Viber’s Android tablet interface now has a more intuitive call screen, and desktop versions have been updated to include Viber Public Chats, along with multiple new features and enhancements.

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