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FLIPFLIP Soft Launch in the Philippines


Plant your way to victory in FLIPFLIP, a new puzzle game available on Google Play today, as it launches in the Philippines. Developed by H2HOLIC in Korea, FLIPFLIP combines features like board games, puzzles, and a story with block-connecting puzzles for an original puzzle adventure game.

FLIPFLIP takes place in the whimsical world of nature as they come to life. Throughout the game, the player’s main objective is to flip all the tiles, while avoiding obstacles in the least amount of time. Using seeds, players will gain access to get the chance to clear levels as the game progresses.

Join the adorable characters like FLIP, KOBE, CONCON, and KANO. Each of these has their own special abilities to help you further in clearing stages. Collect seeds to unlock these special characters!

The game has a main currency called “seeds”, which can be used in many ways, like getting aides/help from difficult levels, and access to stages in puzzles. These seeds can be obtained in various ways, such as making in-app purchases. Other means include completing offers, participating in events, inviting friends, daily and weekly missions, unlocking achievements, winning coupon codes, and many more.

To start off, FLIPFLIP is giving away 40 seeds by using this coupon code (valid until Oct. 2, 2015 only): n62big8

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