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Tokyoflash Japan Releases Kisai Vortex Wood and Kisai Radioactive Wood

Kisai Vortex Wood

Tokyoflash Japan has just released two new watches. First is the Kisai Vortex Wood which features a spiralling time display framed beneath a sleek concave lens. With two time zones, seconds, date, alarm, animation, LED light-up, audio feedback and touch screen operation, the watch is housed in a natural dark sandalwood case with genuine leather strap.

Kisai Radioactive Wood features a vibrant display panel that indicates the time. A smart retro looking dark sandalwood case with matching strap creates a striking contrast and a unique light up animation adds character.

Kisai Radioactive Wood

Each design is available at the special release price of $109 (around Php4,900) until 24th September at 11am Japan time.

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