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Yamaha Sniper 150 MXi debuts at the Yamaha Club Grand Eyeball Cebu Part 2

Yamaha Club Grand Eyeball Cebu Part 2

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recently concluded the YCLUB Grand Eyeball Cebu 2 that celebrated the camaraderie among Yamaha riders. A collective of over 500 passionate club members rode to the CafĂ© Racer for a vintage themed night that encompasses Yamaha’s mission to unite riders from all walks of life.

The biggest part of the event was the surprise introduction of the Sniper 150 MXi which was an epic climax to a night full of thrills and elation. The new motorcycle was driven into a crowd of eagerly waiting Yamaha Club riders; it was received with a warm and almost chaotic excitement. The riders wasted no time getting up close and personally acquainting themselves with the Sniper 150 MXi; some were all about its technical attributes and design while others expressed the experience of the usage but all were in awe of its presence.

It all started at 8:00 PM when riders from Yamaha Fino Club Cebu, United Sniper Club of Cebu, South Scooter Club,All Mio Club Cebu,SZ16 Riders of Cebu,Yamaha Cebuana Club,Soul i Exclusive Team Cebu,Mio MXi Cebu,FZ16 Club Cebu Philppines,Mio Elite Scooter Cebu, Vegaforce Riders Pack, Tribu Del Mio De Bohol, Street Monarch Sniper Club Bohol, and R15 CEBU CLUB were all in attendance. They were greeted by Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura who shared his gratitude to the riders for their support and cooperation as well as being a symbol of Yamaha’s excellence on the road. Visayas Sales Manager, Mr. Carlo Monterola also expressed his thanks and said that this was a fulfillment of a promise which was made in the last eyeball when members asked for another version.

After a enjoying a delicious buffet dinner it was time for the program which is included a presentation of the Blue Core technology along the Mio i 125 and Soul i 125. This also signaled the start of the Mr. Soul i 125 and Ms. Mio i 125 competition that was won by Patrica Mae Mendoza and Lemuel Englis. Riders got the chance to show off their motorcycles in the custom contest that had two themes, the Retro look which was won by Paulino Napatang Jr. and the Vibrant look that was won by Jhingle Alutaya.

Ms. Mio i 125
Ms. Mio i 125

This gathering went beyond the simple joys of coming together of people who shared the same interests and lifestyle; it was a collective of passionate individuals under a common understanding. A community, a family, a club that reminds everyone that riding is living and only Yamaha Revs your Heart.

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