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ADATA Expands Apple Series with Multiple Product Launch

i-Memory SD Card, i-Memory UE710 Flash drive, UC350 Type-C OTG dual connector Flash drive
Fast, stylish, and innovative accessories purpose-made for Apple devices

ADATA has just announced a major strategic move towards deeper investment and involvement in Apple-compatible products. The Apple Series announcement coincides with the launch this week of three ADATA products for Apple devices: i-Memory UE710 USB 3.0 Flash drive, i-Memory SD Card, and UC350 Type-C USB 3.1 OTG Flash drive.

ADATA has developed several patented technologies that are being applied in Apple-related products and is leveraging extensive research capabilities as part of this new focus. Based on its strong track record in memory and storage, ADATA plans to integrate existing proficiencies in future innovations to benefit Apple users. Notable areas include advanced storage expansion, rapid device charging, and products that make the most of proprietary Apple Lightning connectors and emerging USB Type-C. With a series of products dedicated to Apple platforms, ADATA expects to deliver exciting new innovations to customers while promoting long-term business growth.

New Force in iOS Accessories: Series of Smart Products Ready for Launch
According to data provided by IDC, a leading market research company, global smartphone shipments will reach 1.45 billion in 2015 and 1.93 billion in 2019, demonstrating huge demand for portable technology. Apple has recently announced that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus broke sales records in their first week of sales, exceeding 13 million units. Apple expects total shipments to reach 75 million by the end of 2015 with strong demand for compatible, quality-assured accessories. ADATA is taking a proactive approach by expanding its product portfolio with the new Apple Series, moving to capitalize on opportunities offered by the evolving smart device landscape. ADATA will continue to launch multi-functional mobile accessories by taking advantage of its expertise in memory and storage technologies and integrating them with Apple platforms. The company plans to tap its existing channel and brand sales resources as well as recruit new Apple sales professionals to ensure continuous product development, and will work to become one of the premier Apple-authorized accessory providers worldwide, including the development of dedicated retail outlets.

i-Memory UE710 Flash Drive: Content Access and Enjoyment Anytime
The UE710 USB 3.0 Flash drive features a dual connector design, combining Apple Lightning and USB 3.0. It offers super-convenient data transfer and backup between mobile iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and Mac or Windows PC. UE710 greatly reduces data transfer wait times, which is significant when handling large media files and especially useful wherever internet access to cloud storage is not available. UE710 provides the best solution for expanding storage on iOS devices that do not support memory cards. It comes with the free i-Memory app, which offers user-friendly content management features. UE710 supports approximately 40 file formats, including Ultra HD 4K video and professional RAW photo files, all with near-instant access. It is available in snow white and black/silver color schemes, and 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities.

i-Memory SD Card: Lightest SSD-Like Storage Expansion on the Market 
The i-Memory SD Card is designed exclusively for MacBook Air storage expansion, built using the same high-grade MLC Flash memory used in best-selling ADATA SSDs. Extremely light and portable, the i-Memory SD Card acts as speedy storage expansion much like a secondary SSD. It is the lightest accessory of its kind currently available and delivers read/write speeds of 95MB/s and 60MB/s. Its ultra-slim profile fits MacBook Air perfectly, with a complimentary design that makes sure connected MacBook Airs retain their sleek and streamlined look. It is simple to use (plug n play), allowing users to easily back up and share photos and videos of the highest fidelity with up to 256GB capacity.

UC350 Type-C OTG Dual Connector Flash Drive: Presenting the Most Advanced Storage Interface 
The UC350 Flash drive incorporates the USB Type-C interface, which features a smaller connector compared to USB Type-A. The biggest advantage of USB Type-C is its reversible plug, which makes it more intuitive to use by minimizing the need to check connector alignment. For maximum convenience, the Type-C connector is embedded in a Type-A plug, so both are accessible. UC350 supports USB 3.1 protocols which exceed USB 3.0 performance. The drive offers data transfer freedom between iOS, Android, MacBook, and Windows PC at ultra-fast 100MB/s read and 30MB/s write. UC350 is available in up to 64GB capacity.

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