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[PROMO ALERT] Ekotek's SpookTABular October Promo!

Ekotek's SpookTABular October Promo!

Your October is about to get SpookTABular with Ekotek’s amazing Ekotab deals! First up, Ekotek’s brand new Ekotab Encore 2u - this baby’s been enhanced and upgraded to give you an even more amazing user experience. Guess what… From October 15-31, 2015, the Encore 2u is yours for only P2699. That’s P300 off!

And because we had so much fun with the Spectacular September promo, Ekotek is bringing back the STORAGE, POWER and SUPER bundles.

  • STORAGE BUNDLE: Add P100 and they will throw in an 8GB MicroSD so you can store more pictures, games, videos and so much more. Oh and did we mention, it’s the perfect accessory to the Encore 2u’s enhanced HD capacitive touch screen (1024x600 pixels, 16:9).
  • POWER BUNDLE: Always on the go but can’t get enough of your favorite games? Ekotek got just the thing for you. Get an Ekopack 3000mAh, for only P300.
  • SUPER BUNDLE: Because Ekotek want to give you the best of both worlds, you can get both the Ekopack 3000mAh and the 8GB MicroSD with your Encore 2u for only P3049

And because it's the season to be SpookTABular, the Ekotab Encore 3G is getting in on the action too! That’s right, from October 15-31 the Ekotab Encore 3G is on sale for only P3999. Oh and they come with some amazing bundle deals too.

Just like the SpookTABular deals above, the Ekotab Encore 3G got the same storage, power and super bundles to accompany the Encore 3G. You can avail of the 8GB MicroSD Storage bundle by adding P100 to your Encore 3G purchase. An additional P500 will get you the Power Bundle which includes the Ekopack 6000mAh. Throw in P550 on top of your Encore 3G purpose and you get both the 8GB MicroSD and the Ekopack 6000mAh. Now that’s a Super deal!

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