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Torque Early Christmas Gift For Everyone

Torque Smart Tunes Brochure

Looking for a budget-friendly gift  for your love ones this Christmas Season? Torque Mobile Phones and Tablets is the one for you! Choose from 20 models of Torque Smartphones and Tablets, starting from Php1,499 and get a FREE Smart+Tunes Bluetooth Speaker.

Good quality, stylish and high performance on a gadget, Torque continues to provide innovative and affordable gadgets on the market today.

14 Smartphones to choose from:

  • DROIDZ Buzz Php1,499
  • DROIDZ Easy Php1,799
  • DROIDZ Sky 3G Php1,799
  • DROIDZ One TV Php1,899
  • DROIDZ Trend Php2,099
  • DROIDZ Play 3G Php2,299
  • DROIDZ Atom S Php2,499
  • DROIDZ Quart Php2,999
  • DROIDZ Wave Php3,099
  • DROIDZ Swivel Php2,299 before Php4,599
  • DROIDZ Slate HD Php5,499
  • DROIDZ Octave Php6,399
  • DROIDZ Marvel HD Php6,899
  • DROIDZ Life HD Php3,999 before Php8,499

6 Tablets to choose from:

  • DROIDZ Duo Slim Php2,399
  • DROIDZ Spur Php3,199
  • DROIDZ Rotate Php4,399
  • DROIDZ Mini D Php2,999 before Php4,999
  • DROIDZ Axis Php5,799
  • DROIDZ Mini Q Php3,999 before Php7,699

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