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Freelancer.com ‘Expose Our Logo' Contest: $25,000 Marketing Spend for Millions of $$ in Media Value

Freelancer.com viral video challenge brings in hundreds of ideas to expose the Freelancer logo to the crowds, competing for a prize pool of US$25,000. And the winners are from The Philippines.

Almost 17 million users had the chance to take over the Freelancer.com brand starting this August when the world’s leading freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace Freelancer.com launched its 'Expose Our Logo' contest. Fans worldwide were challenged to come up with the biggest, most fun, unique and creative ways to display the Freelancer logo to their communities and capture their adventures on video.

‘Expose Our Logo’ contest ran from August 10, 2015 to October 14, 2015, and participants had a chance to win up to USD$25,000 in prizes.

The Grand Prize for the best video overall this year - $10,000 went to ‘judsonbc’ team from The Philippines, with 9 additional prize categories awarded for:

  • Most People Exposed To: $3,000 (Advertiser)
  • Most People Involved: $3,000 (FlashMob)
  • Biggest Logo Feature: $3,000 (SuperSizeMe)
  • Best Major Landmark: $1,000 (Traveller)
  • Best Celebrity Cameo Appearance: $1,000 (Superstar)
  • Best Costumes: $1,000 (Party Soul)
  • Most YouTube Views: $1,000 (Vlogger)
  • Best Media Coverage: $1,000 (Paparazzi)
  • Most Reddited: $1,000 (Redditer)

The promotion was first launched in 2009. In the following years since then, the contest has been a largely anticipated celebration of the same spirit of community, entrepreneurialism and innovation that have been the backbone of the company's success.

“With 17 million users from 247 countries, regions and territories worldwide using our platform, Freelancer.com truly has the power of a small country,” says Matt Barrie, Freelancer.com’s Chairman and CEO. “Expose Our Logo’ contest challenged our users to become the ambassadors of our brand for their local communities, and showcase their talent and creativity with the rest of the world. I am really impressed by what our users did this year and we hope we made an impact in many places around the world.”

‘Judsonbc’, this year’s Grand Winners said in their statement:
‘Thank you Freelancer for making us the Grand winner. Nothing could express how grateful and happy we were when we learned we won the Grand prize. It was 3am and the neighborhood woke up because we shout out loud. Thank you again and it's been an honor also representing Freelancer here in our community. Congratulations to all the winners!

Tiresome days and sleepless nights have been our everyday experience since the day we decided to join the contest. It’s been more than a month now of brainstorming and waiting and that day has come for you to announce the winner and it was in our favor. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Our experience was a big challenge to us because we don’t have enough resources financially and with little time available in organizing events to promote Freelancer.com logo but by the grace of God we were able to do it! At first, it seems impossible but teamwork and determination “whatever it takes” was our big secret making things easy and achievable.

Part of the money will go to acquiring a small lot for our Children’s Learning Center – free but quality education for our less fortunate little children here in our community. We will also be organizing community services such as feeding programs, gift giving because it is nearly Christmas time and the like to far-flung barangays of Kabankalan City and we’ll be having a thanksgiving party! WooHaa!!! And of course I will share it with my team members and with those who in any way helped us in achieving our goal. And I will save the rest for my future projects, my family and to my children’s education. Indeed this opportunity is a big help to us. Thank you very much Freelancer.com!’

Contest participants all over the world participated in numerous activities to expose the Freelancer logo to the crowds. From thousands of people marching through town wearing Freelancer.com t-shirts, carrying flyers, flags and balloons, to Freelancer boat and motorcycle trips, Freelancer.com skydive and paragliding expeditions, kitesurfing sessions, Freelancer’s own band, talent competition and zumba class, a banner exposure the size of a plane, and multiple other Freelancer parties and parades throughout the world.

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