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#StartCreating deliciously layered coffee at home with the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine


The convenient and easy to use NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine lets you create a wide range of delicious and pretty cups of coffee. Developed in Switzerland by Nestlé coffee machine experts, the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine boasts a coffee chamber with a unique cyclone that brings out NESCAFÉ CLASSIC coffee aroma and flavor. It also has a foaming jet technology that creates foam with ease, inspired by the barista steam jets you see in local coffee shops.

In around two minutes, the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine lets you have a foamy Cappuccino, layered Latte, fancy Mocha, velvety Americano and other delicious coffee creations using NESCAFÉ CLASSIC and NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE. With this new innovation, you can easily #StartCreating so many exciting coffee recipes at home to suit any occasion.

Glossy in NESCAFÉ’s signature red, the sleek NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine is sure to add an element of style to your buffet table or kitchen counter. Whether you live in a studio apartment, condo, or house, this compact machine is suitable for any home.

NESCAFÉ has partnered with four coffee lovers who have been tasked to develop their own personal coffee creations using the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine. The NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine ambassadors are the recently engaged singer and actress Denise Laurel; the creative marketing wiz Raymond Gutierrez; the artist-turned-foodie and restaurateur Bianca King, and the animated and vibrant interior designer Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

It’s the scent of NESCAFÉ CLASSIC that puts a smile on Denise Laurel’s face. “I love the smell of coffee in the morning. The smell alone is enough to perk me up. Having a cup in the morning is like getting a warm, fuzzy hug from my fiancé Sol,” she adds. Denise’s coffee creation with NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine, a Hug in a Mug Latte, mixes cookie butter with the flavor of NESCAFÉ CLASSIC and NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE. “It’s my very own pick me up when I get home from a long shoot, tiring day, or anything in between! It’s so fun to use and you can have fancy coffee in a snap!”

Raymond Gutierrez likes his coffee on the rocks. “I usually don’t have much time to myself since my work keeps me constantly on the go. So my coffee moment first thing in the morning is really just enjoying a nice, iced glass of my own creation, the Vanilla Chilled Coffee made with NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine. My coffee officially starts my day.” Having a nice iced coffee prepared in a jiff anytime Raymond needs it, helps in keeping him relaxed despite his busy schedule. “It’s also the perfect thing to serve to friends when they come over and hang out!”

For a foodie like actress Bianca King, it’s all about taste and creation. “As with most of my culinary creations this is something that I have tweaked to achieve the best possible drink.” she shares. “I love being able to create a gourmet cup of coffee at home anytime I want with the NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine,!” Her culinary coffee creation, Double Chocolate Mocha, blends flavors of NESCAFÉ CLASSIC with the creaminess of NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE and the sweetness of an extra helping of chocolate.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I am a creative spirit. I love putting my own spin on things to make anything and everything I do uniquely me!,” said Tessa Prieto Valdes. “Christmas is just around the corner, I decided to theme my creation with NESCAFE RED MUG Machine around my favorite time of the year.So this creation is my Christmas Cinnamon Cappuccino.” Tessa loves the foaming feature because it makes her feel like a legit barista when she uses it. “It’s so fun to use, and you can have a fancy coffee in a snap!”

#StartCreating your own special coffee moments at home with NESCAFÉ RED MUG Machine, just like Denise, Raymond, Bianca, and Tessa.

Available in select SM, Robinsons, Landmark, Puregold and Merkado Supermarket branches in Metro Manila at a special introductory price of Php1,999.00 until December 2015 only. This special package will come with a transparent glass mug, 100 grams of NESCAFÉ CLASSIC, and 250 grams of NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE.

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