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BMW Lifestyle rounds up the ultimate essentials for every holiday season getaway

BMW Metal Sunglasses
BMW Metal Sunglasses

BMW finds the exploration of car technology as exciting as influencing customers to experience a new form of pleasure. At BMW, customers can discover a selection of premium lifestyle products that suits every season and gives the feeling of joy that the brand is known for.

As the year draws to a close, BMW raises the holiday cheer with a host of must-haves that are sure to complete the Christmas season.

1. BMW Modern Sports Bag

Any adventurer would agree that packing the essentials sets the tone for any impending trip. Without a trusty bag to match a quick flight or a long drive, travelling can become quite a challenge. The BMW Modern Sports Bag redefines practicality with a roomy main compartment, wide side pocket with special sections, and flexible shoe pocket with ventilation mesh to maximize the convenience en route to what could be the best escapade yet.

2. BMW Metal Sunglasses
While the majority is heading for an out of town destination, some would opt to relax in a hotel in the city or spend a day in the metro with the family. Wherever the holiday pursuit may be, BMW’s premium sunglasses reflect a timeless style for ladies and men. In this especially stunning model, the silver tone frame offsets the blue grey lenses to perfection. Accents include an inlaid BMW logo on the inside of the temple and a discreet BMW word-mark on the left lens to reflect quiet elegance.

3. BMW M Cap
Among the many cardinal rules of travelling is wearing not just a trendy accessory, but one that props up the defense against the heat. BMW’s cotton-lined unisex cap does just that with the extremely sporty M style highlighted by the elegant polish and peak underside colored in dynamic red. The extremely light-resistant BMW M Cap also includes spoke-shaped inserts and a carbon-style peak edge.

4. BMW Athletics Performance Functional Jacket
Perfect for both the indoors and outdoors, the BMW Athletics Performance Functional Jacket redefines versatility in clothing. Its three-ply fabric is wind and water-repellent as well as warm and breathable. It also has zip-off sleeves to turn it into a comfortable body warmer. These make the contemporary multifunctional jacket ideal not just for the Christmas season but other activities planned for the coming year.

BMW Athletics Performance Functional Jacket
BMW Athletics Performance Functional Jacket

5. BMW M Carbon Chrono Watch
However practical the latest smart phones can be, there is still no better way to tell time than with a classic timepiece. BMW’s M Carbon Chrono Watch makes for a reliable gear that enables the traveler to keep track of the thrill in any excursion. This wristwatch carries the powerful M design with a premium brushed stainless steel case, scratch-resistant mineral glass cover, and perforated real-leather strap with red highlights. It also features a precise Swiss RONDA movement, stopwatch function, date display, and small seconds display.

BMW M Carbon Chrono Watch
BMW M Carbon Chrono Watch

6. BMW Cruise Bike
Exploring the scenic landscape outside Manila in a typical automobile could hold so much appeal, but riding a two-wheeled vehicle can be another exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors. The BMW Cruise Bike in aluminum frame and smooth-welded seams underscores a truly contemporary design and new form of riding pleasure. The bike also comes with choice premium components including a telescopic fork and cantilever brake to maximize performance and safety.

BMW Cruise Bike
BMW Cruise Bike

These BMW Lifestyle products are available in all accredited BMW dealerships.

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