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F5 Drives Enhanced Cloud and Security Services with BIG-IP 12.0

F5 Networks

F5 Networks expands the company’s hybrid platform of services with the release of its latest software which improves the agility, security, and performance of cloud application deployments. BIG-IP version 12.0 makes it simple for customers to unify hardware, software, and managed service resources as well as help realize IT efficiency and cost savings.

As a direct response to organizations looking to deploy services in hybrid environments, BIG-IP version 12.0 takes advantage of F5’s application delivery services fabricby combining physical and virtual resources to better support cloud and hybrid scenarios. This approach allows customers to transition workloads to cloud environments as needed and incorporate technologies like HTTP/2, while maintaining the same visibility, security, and control of traditional infrastructures.

“Organizations in the Philippines are ready for cloud/hybrid deployments, and they welcome innovations that help realize IT efficiency and cost savings,” said Oscar Visaya, Philippines Country Manager, F5 Networks. “F5 is instrumental in helping customers take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security, flexibility or savings, in an evolving application delivery environment with this release.

F5’s BIG-IP 12.0 release includes many integrated enhancements with notable examples below:

  • Unify hardware, software, and managed service resources to realise IT efficiency and cost savings –allows customers to more easily transition workloads to cloud environments as needed, and incorporate technologies, such as HTTP/2, while maintaining the same visibility, security and control of traditional infrastructures. 
  • Supports customers deploying cloud and hybrid IT architectures, with BIG-IP Virtual Edition solutions becoming available in the Azure Marketplace – Initially, all BIG-IP software modules will be available on Azure through F5’s Good, Better, Best licensing model in a “bring your own license” (BYOL) configuration, with 25MB, 200MB, and 1GB options.
  • Provides Reliable Access in All Types of IT Environments with SSO – F5 extends secure authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) capabilities to cloud-based, web-based, and virtual applications while centrally managing federated identity functions. F5 provides over five times the scalability of other vendors for applications and identity access management. In addition, F5 is one of the leading access vendors to extend single sign-on (via SAML) to client-based applications and other browser-less environments, such as Microsoft Office 365.
  • Ensures Superior Protection with the Largest DDoS Vector Spectrum and Increased Attack Visibility – With BIG-IP 12.0, F5 offers the most comprehensive and effective mitigations to protect against sophisticated, high-volume DDoS threats on-premises or in the cloud. F5 also helps companies strengthen their security postures and agility with simplified threat visibility, providing thorough drill-down summaries of attack details.
  • Ensures Improved SSL Capabilities for Comprehensive Security – Organisations’ use of SSL is rapidly increasing, with many IT teams moving toward an “encrypt everything” approach. BIG-IP provides innovative, integrated SSL encryption and visibility to manage security certificates and keys across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments—all without the blind spots or performance loss typical of other vendors’ offerings.

F5 accelerates cloud migrations, enabling customers to integrate security, management, and orchestration capabilities for their evolving on-premises and off-premises deployments.

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