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MDPPA is proud recipient of Intellectual Property Champion award

MDPPA is proud recipient of Intellectual Property Champion award

The MDPPA (Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association), a federation of motorcycle manufacturers advocating for road safety and anti-counterfeiting in the Philippines was recognized by NCIPR (National Committee on Intellectual Property Rights) as one of the Intellectual Property Champions of 2015 for its efforts on anti-piracy through the promotion of the patronage of original motor parts and accessories in the Philippines. MDPPA has long been an advocate of intellectual property rights and been involved in information campaign on public safety and the hazards of using counterfeit products.

"We thank NCIPR for recognizing our efforts in the advancement of intellectual property rights in the country. We believe that our anti-counterfeiting advocacy is not only beneficial to motorcycle manufacturers and companies, but more so to the general public, as we promote safety for everyone," shared Alfredo O. Lejano, Jr., Chairman of MDPPA Government Committee.

NCIPR, the government arm in charge of the advancement, protection and implementation of intellectual property rights in the country, bestowed the plaque of recognition to MDPPA during the 5th Philippine Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Summit held at the Marriot Hotel Manila recently. The committee is headed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). During the summit, whose theme was "Building Cooperation Across Borders," issues such as the diverse channels and jurisdictions in the enforcement of IP were discussed among the members and participants.

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