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Flash’s Fan’s Day takes over Mindanao

Flash’s Fan’s Day takes over Mindanao

With the recent release of the Flash 2 phone in retail stores nationwide, Flash brought its Fan’s Day activity to Davao City, the first itinerary outside Metro Manila.

According to Sheree Gayas (third from the left), Country Marketing Manager of Flash, the regional Fan’s Day will be the company’s thrust in the next few months. “With the availability of our phones nationwide, we have received requests from fans from Cebu, Ilocos, Iloilo, and Samar among others. Our fans are a talented and passionate bunch and to be given the chance to engage with them first hand is something really fulfilling.”

The Davao Fan’s Day was also attended by Kenneth Tung (sitting beside the banner), Business Development Manager for E-Commerce Business and Haosi Chen (extreme left), Product Manager from Flash Headquarters. One of the event’s attendees is Rena Gempesaw (fourth from the left), a 21-year-old pastry chef who has been using a Flash 2 since this year She said, “The after sales that Flash gives to its customers is the uniqueness that I truly love. We fans have this whole new community where we share our insights and technicalities. The product team make sure fans get the most of our phone. The monthly contests enhance our photography skills and also our ability to solve puzzles while making sure we have fun at the same time.”

Flash has been conducting its Fan’s Day initiatives as a way of showing appreciation to its loyal customers.

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