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Flash redefines the definition of ‘metal’ with new Flash Plus 2

Flash Plus 2

Metal offers a whole new aesthetic appeal to people worldwide. That’s why when Flash announced that the sequel to the record-breaking Flash Plus is coming to the Philippines through its website, the brand wanted its loyal customers to have a glimpse of how it was able to transcend metal, redefining it to a sleek design that breaks the boundaries between functionality and sophistication.

With its partnership with Lazada Philippines, Flash is making its Flash Plus 2 available to Filipinos starting this May 31, 2016 for only P6, 990. The new addition to Flash’s roster of high-quality smartphones carries the same excellent photographing DNA that the brand has been known for—and it’s boxed in a sleek, metal case that’s designed based on the taste and demand of the high- and medium-end market.

According to Lei Zhang, Flash Philippines Country Manager, the excellent workmanship of the new Flash Plus 2 is what sets it apart from other smartphones currently available in the market today.

“We adopted a unique metal framework for the new smartphone, allowing it to possess the unique glow and touch of metal without compromising its richness and aesthetics. Albeit it carries the same blueprint first installed in the previous version, our new product offering is better improved with the young consumers in mind,” Zhang said.

The Flash Plus 2 underwent a series of complex processes, ranging from horizontal wire-drawing, high-speed side sand-blasting, ultralight rim diamond cutting, and twice anodization to offer a touch of warmth and vigor for the cold, hard metal work.

As exquisite as it looks, the smartphone adopts diamond cutting and twice anodic oxidation technologies to achieve the 0.4mm rim of the Home key, 0.15mm sound volume key, and 0.4mm rim of flash lamp and speaker.

But on top of its aesthetic design, the new Flash Plus 2 also offers an enriched set of features that include optimum image and immersive sound quality. What’s more, it has pioneering innovative functions such as fingerprint recognition, Hi-Fi sound effect and fast battery charging to complement the lifestyle needs of always-on-the-go millennials.

"Flash is one of the most successful smartphone brands that always introduces something new to delight customers. We are privileged to be the exclusive distributor of Flash Plus 2 to our online shoppers,” Inanc Balci, CEO of Lazada Philippines said. “Together, we can bring exciting products closer to Filipinos.”

Fingerprint recognition
The innovation of smartphones paves the way for fingerprint recognition, and Flash is not lagging behind when it comes to this new technology. With the fingerprint recognition of the Flash Plus 2, users are assured of optimum security and more convenient phone unlocking process. Eye-pleasing and handy, the front fingerprint recognition function makes possible instant accurate 3600 unlocking in 0.5s, one-stroke APP launch, and file encryption safe, among other functions.

Immersive sound quality
The new Flash Plus 2 not only complements the lifestyle of young photographers; it also follows the music demands of the millennials. The new smartphone features HiFi value-retained earphone acoustics, high-volume speaker effects and MIX music editing function to provide high-performance smartphone model for an immerse sound experience.

Ultra-fast charging, battery saving
Equipped with TI BQ25896 fast-charging chip and 9V/1.67A fast-charging technologies, the Flash Plus 2 can be charged for 30 minutes to achieve 50 percent battery level. Fully charging this phone guarantees 10 hours of continuous phone call, with reliable battery capacity for users. The charging efficiency is further raised by 35 percent compared with 5V/1A phones while it takes only two hours for the battery to be fully charged.

What’s more, the new smartphone’s Helio P10 processor ensures strong performance and low energy consumption in providing smooth, free “cut back” through multitasking operation of surfing the Internet, playing games, and watching videos. Because of this feature, users will be able to maximize their entertainment needs without worrying about immediate battery loss.

Clear image quality
Capturing moments as they happen has never been easier with the new Flash Plus 2. With its excellent shooting quality, people who have a knack for high-quality images will find it hard to put this phone down especially during special occasions and get-togethers.

The phone’s camera adopts the integration of PDAF and contrast focusing with merely 0.1s of focal alignment. This makes the users to take a snapshot of fleeting moments—from bungee jumping to surfing.

What’s more, the rear dual color flash lamp RealTone and front LED flash with Color Rendering Index that reaches up to 80 allows the user to enjoy photography even in dark areas.

Designed based on your personality
The new Flash Plus 2 carries Miravision 2.0 FHD display that enables smart eye protection in too strong or weak luminous situations, providing a wonderful visual experience of perfect clearness and comfort.

With dual color options of Luna Silver and Venus Gold, Flash Plus 2 provides young users with personalized choices. The metal rear case that only comes through multiple complex processes like horizontal brushed metal surface and twice anodic oxidation, among others, coupled with fine details in phone body, has made Flash Plus 2 a perfect combination of aesthetics and sense of texture that both appeals to the eye and fits awesomely into the palm of users.

Zhang concluded, “Flash has been consistent in introducing unique futures that satisfy the needs and wants of its consumers. Now that our new flagship phone is in place, we will be more able to complement the lives of the young consumers who look for nothing but unparalleled convenience and refinement.”

For more details, please visit the website at http://www.flash3c.com/ph and http://lazada.com.ph to purchase the new Flash Plus 2.

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