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Re-Volt3: A New Re-Volt Generation, Soft Launched in Some Countries

Re-Volt 3
Re-Volt3, the Resurrection of Worldwide RC Car Racing Game

Re-Volt, the global RC car racing game, which had tremendous popularity with tens of millions users around the world, presents a new Re-Volt generation. WeGo Interactive Co Ltd,. announced that Re-Volt3 soft launched in 6 countries today.

It has been redesigned with optimized game environments for users, while maintaining the original version. High-level graphics and system upgrades of RC cars expect to bring a new level of excitement to not only ‘Re-Volt’ fans but also those who enjoy racing games.

Re-Volt3 contains a variety of maps and hundreds of single missions with various types of RC cars. Maps like, the neighborhood alley, museum, and supermarket give users a feeling of realism as a result of the lifelike programming. Mountains and circuit maps are newly added. The realistic sounds and control of RC cars has been reproduced as well.

Furthermore, users can enjoy add even more excitement to the races by using features like nitro boosting, drifting, and utilizing a variety of performance and appearance upgrades to enhance their cars.

Endless paint and decal combinations provide unlimited options for customizing vehicles. Sharing unique RC Cars via Facebook will keep users interested.

A wide selection of game modes are available: speed race/item race, restricted race, and World Grand Prix based on an exciting story are upgraded. Multiplayer mode, which makes racing with worldwide users in real-time possible, will be available in near future.

WeGo Interactive said, “Re-Volt3 will be released first on smartphone. In addition, SmartTV and Facebook canvas version on various types of platforms and devices are in progress.

Re-Volt3 is currently available in Singapore, Canada, Netherland, Philippines, New Zealand, and Indonesia on iOS and Android. After soft launch, it will be officially released globally.

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