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Re-Volt 3 Facebook Version Launch

Re-Volt 3
The Global Game with a million downloads, ‘Re-Volt 3’ Is Released Through Facebook Game Service

WeGo INTERACTIVE Corp. announced that the RC car Racing game they developed ‘Re-Volt 3’ is launched through Facebook service.

‘Re-Volt 3’ Facebook service has lots of differences between Mobile Platform service. It’s based on, the worldwide largest Social Networking Service, Facebook platform so that it’s available to play through PC web browser giving you more excitement, greater handling, and more realistic graphics which differs from mobile.

In ‘Re-Volt 3’ you won’t find making new account necessary if you are already a user of Facebook, and also you can play ‘Re-Volt 3’ just through the web browser. It shares user data with the mobile version so that users are able to play Re-Volt 3 either in PC or Mobile with the same account. But, users must use a browser that supports Unity Player which is Internet Explore and Firefox.

CEO Roy Park of WeGo INTERACTIVE stated that, “As ‘Re-Volt 3’ exceeded a million downloads only in one month, we are looking forward to have much more global users to have their fun in playing Re-Volt 3 by launching through Facebook service.

As the Christmas comes, users will be able to meet Christmas Seasonal Cars, Santa’s Gift Box Event, and 7 Days of Attendance Event after the massive update on December 22th (Based on UTC).

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