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Viber and TravelersBox Now in New Partnership, Allowing Travelers to Deposit Leftover Currency to Viber Account

Viber and TravelersBox

Travelers, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), can now credit their Viber Out accounts directly in international airports via TravelersBox kiosks. The kiosks allow travelers to deposit their leftover foreign coins and bills into various eWallets and online accounts such as PayPal, iTunes, Google Play and recently Viber, before departing for their next destination.

TravelersBox kiosks help returning travelers get value for their leftover foreign currency by converting coins and bills into real digital money. With more than 75 kiosks in 8 countries, the company had announced further expansion throughout Asia during 2016. In the Philippines the kiosks operate in Manila at NAIA Terminal 1 (near Starbucks) and Terminal 3 (International Departure Gates).

“TravelersBox essence rooted in our partners’ values. With our technology, money that was worthless due to currency differences, become valuable again ” said Tomer Zussman, TravelersBox CEO. “One of our top missions is to find the right partners to give travelers the most out of their leftover currency. Viber, which allows people to to call any phone number at low rates, is a natural partner for us.”

“When we learned about the solution provided by TravelersBox, we immediately understood the value it holds for Viber Out users,” said Robi Kopel, FinTech Lead at Viber. “Our goal at Viber is to connect users all over the world. We’re very happy to be working with TravelersBox to offer a way for travelers to convert their left over currency to Viber Out credit to contact loved ones.”

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