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Hacks! An insight to MODs world

Mobile Game Hacking

Cheating is a CRIME. Mobile Gaming Community is getting bigger and bigger. When the game becomes popular, gamers tend to be greedy to surpass other resulting to game damages. Thus, hacking occurs. Hacking is a computer term referring to unauthorized access to the intellectual-managing data in a system. This is evident in the Internet era nowadays. The enjoyment you could inherit when hacking is done makes it easier to play. But, this threatens the gamer ecosystem and the unfair advantage, making other gamer lost their interest to play it.

As a result, the integrity of the intended game reduces its popularity and trustworthy to play along. It also gives negative experience to the gamers resulting to pessimistic opinions turning the game to tarnish its name and reputation of the developer and the game itself. We don’t want those things to happen. This hacking incident is no different to copyright infringement when talk about law. This falls also under Intellectual Property rights of copying real material and using it for other purposes just the same to what happened in Rogue Life: Squad Goals hacking incident.

Perhaps, people always think that hacking is a no serious issue to begin with. It may be a joke to others, but the conscience will always sue you because of this act. We can assure that all gamers who experience it have the same level of anger whenever they’ve found out that their game is being hacked. There is a greater impact in the game and the gaming industry if hacking wouldn’t put into an end. Just as the saying goes, that if no one is supporting it, no one will ever create it. We should also put ourselves to the developers’ shoe that this matter is affecting them as much as what the good gamer does.

We must always find the goodness in all things we do. Stop hacking, creating MODs and third party program just to take full advantage of the game. Always make a fair and honest gaming environment. If we continue supporting hacks, MODs and other form of third party program, we could eventually lose the essence of the game by creating fairness and cleanliness gaming industry. I suppose you want to be the best in the gaming world in the most right way and not to cheat just to gain all aspects of life? Delete all those upcoming files you are doing for hacking and mods program. Just play the game as it is. You’ll gain more friends and allies if you play the game in the good way rather than having a game in unfair way. We better be in the good side and keep it clean and honest.

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