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ADATA Releases the A10050 Power Bank

ADATA A10050 Power Bank
Mobile power, speed, and style from a new angle

ADATA today launched the A10050 Power Bank. As the model name suggests, the device is rated for 10050mAh, capable of carrying 3.7 full iPhone battery charges. The A10050 features dual USB ports and synchronous charge/discharge for efficient battery top-up of two devices at once. Its stylish design employs the finest components and smart circuitry to provide multiple protective measures, made of highly durable materials to increase fire and impact resistance. A bespoke hairline-brushed aluminum texture and choice of four colors elevate the A10050 from merely practical to premium power on the go for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Quick and Efficient Charging

The A10050 includes two USB ports, providing a total of 3.1A output (2.1A + 1A). The dual ports allow users to charge two devices simultaneously, saving precious time. The 1A port is ideal for smaller devices such as smartphones, while the 2.1A port has been included with tablets in mind. Additionally, the A10050 uses synchronous charge and discharge, meaning it can recharge devices while connected to a power source itself to ensure continuous, safe, and fast operation.

Built Durable Inside Out 
ADATA makes safety the leading priority with all products, and more so with power banks. Meticulous circuit and wire engineering provides six-faceted protection against excessive heat, voltage, current, charge, and discharge. Externally, the shell uses tough, fire-resistant polycarbonate that has been IEC 60950 impact resistant-certified for safe portability in diverse environments.

Functionality into Fashion 
While power banks are often thought of as generic, practical items, the compact and light A10050 combines advanced engineering with attractive design while easily fitting in everything from pockets to purses. The A10050 boasts precision-cut angles for a diamond-like look, its durable shell encased in hairline-brushed aluminum. ADATA is offering the A10050 in four distinct colors to better match various smart devices: rose gold, silver, titanium grey, and gold. A bright blue LED status indicator provides at-a-glance charge capacity info, as well as a low-charge caution to keep users in the know.

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