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ASUS Announces iCafe-certified Expedition Series Motherboard

ASUS Announces iCafe-certified Expedition Series Motherboard
Latest ASUS motherboard packed with great aesthetics and flexibility to achieve extreme performance for iCafe’s with Intel 1151 series processors.

ASUS announces the ASUS Expedition Series, Asus’ motherboard line built for i-Café’s. Packed with premium components and great durability, the ASUS EX-B150M-V5 is set to debut in the Philippines iCafe gaming scene.

This new series surely packs a punch with its Non-Stop Durability, Non-Stop Gaming, and Non-Stop Challenger features. With its robust protective features, consistent reliability is present for a long time. Non-Stop Gaming will assure your PC will work efficiently and hassle-free 24/7 because of its high-quality components. Being a Non-Stop Challenger, any iCafe peripheral will work with the motherboard, no matter the brand.

The ASUS EX-B150M-V5 is designed for iCafé, Gaming SI (BTO) and quality-driven business. Born from the desire for long-lasting stability, the concept of the EX series is durable and powerful at the same time, coming off from stringent quality tests. Built on the 6th Generation Intel B150 chipset and socket LGA1151, the ASUS EX-B150M-V5 contains an impressive assortment of Expedition Series features.

Optimized for iCafe’s, Protected from inside out
If you are going for a full system upgrade for your i-Cafe, the ASUS EX-B150M-V5 is built to win. Using the latest 6th Generation Intel Core processors and high capacity DDR4 modules, iCafe’s can now fully future-proof their system. To protect from external damage brought by humidity of our tropical climate, the board has Anti-moisture coating. For overall physical protection, it has the ASUS 5X Protection II with its LANGuard, Overvoltage Protection, Digi+ VRM, DRAM Overcurrent Protection, Stainless-steel Back I/O, and Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Guards. To protect your investment from thieves, ASUS employs its exclusive memory Anti-theft technology.

Value gaming at its best
ASUS puts the gamers in mind with its Expedition series motherboard. Audio is fully immersive, thanks to its sound technology, infused with Japanese-made audio capacitors and amplifiers, de-pop circuit, and audio shielding, you are sure that you are playing with crystal clear sounds that would give you an edge on your opponents.

The ASUS EX-B150M-V5 Series motherboard will be released August 2016 with an SRP of Php4,220.

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