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Filipino-Made Mobile App Featured in Google Play

Filipino-Made Mobile App Featured in Google Play

Catch the Guava, a Filipino-made mobile game app, is once again on Google Play’s global featured apps list.

Google Play is the world’s leading app store which offers over 2.2 million digital goods, such as apps, games, music, movies, books and more, to more than 1 billion active users all over the world.

Catch the Guava was developed and published by Synergy 88 Digital, in partnership with GMA 7, to promote “Juan Tamad” – a comedy show which starred Sef Caydonna and previously aired on channel 7.

“To be featured in Google Play among popular, worldwide apps is a major milestone for us,” said Mon Macutay, Director of Publishing and Marketing at Synergy 88 Digital. “We are very proud of this achievement, and we couldn’t be any more grateful to all the those downloaded and played the game, and chose our title from among the thousands of local and international titles in Google Play”

Macutay added that it’s no simple matter to land a spot and be featured in Google Play. It has to conform to world-class standards in a game or app; and it has to pass certain Google Play game metric criteria.

“You have to pass stringent technical and gameplay standards of the platform; after which Google Play Editiors will still have to review the game before it gets the final approval for being ‘featured’,” he further explained.

Catch the Guava

Almost a Million
Since its launch, Catch the Guava has now reached close to 800,000 downloads. Users continue playing the game because of its simple yet very engrossing game mechanics.

With a series of updates in the works, Catch the Guava fans can expect more content such as additional costumes, environments, power-ups and more.

“We’ve had positive and happy reviews from players, especially kids who loved playing the game,” furthered Macutay. “We also have Filipino fans posting that they are happy to find a game that represents a small but significant piece of Filipino culture.”

In Catch the Guava, the player has to take on the role of Juan Tamad, where he has to catch as many fresh guavas as he possibly can while avoiding the rotten ones. The more green and gold guavas he eats, the closer he gets to win the affection of his lady love, Marie.

As the player reaches milestones and earns gold, he can also get to unlock more options for backgrounds, costumes, and companions, among many others.

To download and play this entertaining and proudly Pinoy mobile game wonder, search “Catch the Guava” on the Google Play store or go to goo.gl/FNmc28.

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