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Education app sees strong growth potential in the Philippines

Zookal Education App

Prior to announcing the official launch in the country, Singapore-based education company Zookal made available in the Philippines its hugely successful app three weeks ago and immediately saw over 30,000 downloads since.

The app allows Filipino students with a smartphone to instantly access and review comprehensively through the 20,000 practice multiple-choice questionnaires handcrafted by over 500 of the best teachers in the country.

Available for free download via Google Play Store and iOS App Store, the app’s content have been crafted and prepared in accordance with the Philippine education curriculum. It simulates the nature of multiple-choice entrance tests allowing students to conveniently swipe through questions and complete quizzes and is perfect for those reviewing for entrance tests and licensure examinations such as UPCAT, ACET, Civil Service Examination and the NSAT.

“Several factors motivated our team to launch the concept of Zookal in the Philippines. First, we saw how Filipinos value education more than anything.  Majority of the budget allotted by the government goes to the sector. Secondly, with over 30 percent of Filipinos being a smartphone user and how this percentage is expected to vastly grow over the years according to a report recently made by IDC, we know that Filipinos can readily adopt to this digital education resource,” said  Jon Tse, Co-founder of Zookal.

Aiming to make education more affordable and accessible to everyone, Zookal especially caters to those who have limited access to books and review centers which could be very costly.

“We are inspired by the story of Mr. Efren Penaflorida who earned the title CNN Hero of the Year in 2010 because of his Pinoy Kariton Educator concept. He would go around different villages and bring along with him school materials for street children. We believe the cause we stand for is no different,” he continued.

Instilling strong and healthy study habits among Filipinos
Upon completion of the questionnaires, app users earn bonus study tips which have been compiled by oblation scholars and top teachers from Teach for the Philippines.

These tips are aimed at instilling strong and healthy study habits among Filipino students; ultimately improving their study outcomes and enhancing their educational experience.

“We are very proud to have made this impact in the first few weeks of the launch. The positive feedback from our users has been overwhelming and we are working very diligently to enhance the product,” continued Jon Tse.

“Buying books and going to review centers might not be feasible for every student, so if we can help some students access resources that were previously unavailable to them, then we will strive to do so on as big a scale as possible,” he added.

Among the improvements included in their pipeline is explaining to users why certain answers are correct and others are wrong. They are also working on expanding the content to cover more tests including NCLEX, IELTS, GMAT and more.

To download the app via Google Play store or via iOS App Store

The app is also available for direct download at www.zookal.com.ph

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