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MDPPA holds road safety talks for San Beda College Alabang scouts

Safety first: San Beda College Alabang’s (SBCA) girl and boy scouts are all ears as a SBCA teacher-trainer talks about road safety practices.

Steadfast on its drive to educate more people on keeping safe on the streets, the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA) brought their road safety advocacy activities to San Beda College Alabang and conducted a seminar for the school’s more than 100 girl and boy scouts from the 3rd, 5th and 6th grades last September 2, 2016. As role models, the scouts learned about coping with the increasing risks students face on the road daily, and how they can share the knowledge to their schoolmates.

“Road accidents involving kids are increasing by the day, and that is alarming,” said MDPPA Road Safety Vice Chairman Magnus Mateo. “Streets are like jungles and those are dangerous to kids unless they are properly educated,” he shared.

MDPPA pointed out that young pedestrians’ field of vision is limited compared to adults owing to their short height.  This, and some other factors cited on different studies, increase children’s risks for being involved in road accidents.

During the seminar, the scouts learned how to properly cross the street with or without traffic lights, and what to do to ensure safety when walking down the street or doing outdoor activities. The MDPPA team also discussed road visibility during bad weather, and drivers’ blind spot, and how to be more attentive during these situations.

MDPPA has been conducting road safety seminars in different schools since 2013, and has trained around 300 students all over the country about street safety.

“We hope this effort will inspire teachers to develop a course of study that will incorporate road safety awareness,” Mateo added.

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