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Sony F8332 XZ: X marks the Spot for Sony

Sony, one of the best valued smartphone brands, has been known to continuously upgrade their gadgets particularly in their camera specs. With the Sony F8332 XZ, they took it a step higher by not only improving pixels, but also letting the phone adjust to the user’s daily needs!

Priced at just P29,500, Sony F8332 XZ features the following:

  • 23MP main camera with triple image sensing technology 
  • 13MP wide angle front camera 
  • Polished metal back with high purity 
  • Smart battery management with Battery Care and Qnovo Adaptive Charging 
  • Water resistant

Triple Focus

The new Xperia XZ comes loaded with the advanced photography technologies you recognize from other Xperia smartphones. They’ve also added triple image sensing technology and Predictive Hybrid Autofocus to analyse and adapt to any environment, helping you to capture the perfect shot! Did we mention it has a wide angle camera featuring double-digit megapixels and low-light sensors perfect for sharp and inclusive selfies!

Elegant Design
Xperia XZ’s uncluttered design is meant to fit seamlessly into your life. The soft, rounded form with a loop surface and 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass makes it comfortable to hold, while the stunning colours are designed to suit your style.

Designed to suit your life
The more you use your Xperia XZ, the more it will adjust to you habits, giving you the most dynamic and personalized smartphone experience yet. How? It learns which apps you use the most. By automatically deactivating unused apps and clearing the cache, your smartphone always functions at optimum speed. Not only that, it also features Battery Care which learns and adapts to your charging habits. Together with Qnovo Adaptive Charging, they deliver up to twice the battery lifespan!

Splash Away
Xperia XZ is water resistant and protected against dust, so don’t worry if you get caught in the rain or want to wash off dirt under a tap water, but remember all ports and attached covers should be firmly closed. But you should remember not to put the device completely underwater; or expose it to seawater, salt water, chlorinated water or liquids such as drinks. It might not be completely waterproofed, but at least you have one less thing to worry about!

With three polished colors to choose from (Mineral Black, Platinum and Forest Blue), you’ll surely find one that fits you. The latest release for Sony’s X series is soon to hit the stores and where better to get it first than from our friends in Widget City!

Sony F8332 XZ is now available for pre-order.

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