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Lenovo names online virtual school for PWDs as Outstanding Tech Visionary in TAYO 14 Awards

Lenovo names online virtual school for PWDs as Outstanding Tech Visionary in TAYO 14 Awards
LENOVO HONORS TECH VISIONARIES AT TAYO 14. With its dedication to curb workplace discrimination through technology, Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker and the exclusive technology partner of the TAYO Foundation, awards the Davao-based social enterprise GO2Virtualahan with the Lenovo Tech Visionary special citation at this year’s TAYO Awards held at the Diamond Hotel, Manila. In photo from left to right: Veejay Flores, Coach at GO2; Anna Abola, Marketing Manager of Lenovo Philippines; Aika Robredo, President of TAYO Foundation; Beneficiaries of GO2; Ryan Gersava, Co-founder and President of GO2.

In its continuing effort to instill a “Never Stand Still” attitude when it comes to doing something for the community, Lenovo, the world’s leading PC maker and a brand dedicated to inspire people to take action and make a difference in the world, awarded GO2 Virtualahan, Inc. as an Outstanding Tech Visionary at the recently concluded 14th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards held at the Diamond Hotel.

The Outstanding Tech Visionary award presented by Lenovo is a special recognition given to the youth organization with the most meaningful project that addresses key issues such as employment inequality, education disparity, illiteracy, and poverty through the innovative use of technology. GO2, through their project, Virtualahan (Virtual + Eskwelahan), was chosen among this year’s 20 finalists.

GO2 is a social enterprise based in Davao City that aims to end discrimination in the workplace through technology. “We serve as a launch pad for people who normally cannot get a job because of their medical condition, disabilities, or former life and turn them into skilled home-based professionals to work online as virtual assistants,” said Ryan Gersava, Founder and President of ‎Go2 Virtualahan Inc.. “One of our primary goals is to enable these people to become productive members of our society and contribute to economic growth — to inspire the public that their limitations are never an excuse to step into bigness!”

Founded in 2015, Virtualahan has trained 102 virtual assistants with a 75% successful employment rate. “We have taken advantage of the power of technology, the Internet, and the growing outsourcing industry here in the Philippines to fulfill our mission, which is to promote inclusive and sustainable employment by leveraging information and communications technology (ICT) so people can work online,” explained Gersava.

The group has attracted beneficiaries from all over the Philippines, with the farthest coming from Laoag, Ilocos Norte. “We are helping all kinds of people who are facing employment challenges because of their current condition or former life — people who are visually or orthopedically impaired, or have dwarfism or Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, or are former drug addicts,” said Gersava. They have also garnered the support of various international organizations and corporations like Accenture who share their vision of inclusive employment. “We have trainers coming from the United States, China, Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the advancement of technology, these foreign coaches can conduct one-on-one virtual classes as if being in the same room with our students,” added Gersava.

With their vision of having a workplace free from discrimination, Go2Virtualahan was cited by Lenovo for their dedication to help people through technology. “At Lenovo, we know that some people have less access to skills training and employment opportunities because of several factors such as medical condition or social status,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines. ”Go2 Virtualahan tackles this issue head-on and with the help of technology, they have empowered people to lead a happy and successful life, regardless of their age, status, and health. Their project is the fruit of a great vision that sees technology as a great enabler, bridging gaps and changing lives.”

The TAYO Foundation is the country’s premier award-giving body that recognizes and supports the outstanding contributions of youth organizations in the country. As the exclusive technology partner of the foundation, Lenovo provides reliable computers and tablets to help them throughout the entire award selection process.

“We would like to thank Lenovo Philippines for believing in the capabilities of today’s youth,” said Aika Robredo, TAYO Foundation President. “Their unwavering support empowers these organizations and makes them into movers and shakers of positive change in the community through the power of technology.”

“Also, their “Never Stand Still” attitude of always being ready to make a difference is just what the TAYO Foundation is all about — educating groups to go against the grain and explore new ways. We're very happy that Lenovo has continuously supported us in envisioning a transformed nation where people venture into innovative solutions against the problems hounding the nation today,” added Robredo.

Recognized as a global leader when it comes to technological innovation, Lenovo has been the technology partner of TAYO since 2012. “We are happy to partner with the TAYO Awards again. Aside from pioneering the most innovative devices out in the market, we at Lenovo also aim to pass on to everyone the mindset of continuous progress and innovation. It is always rewarding to see the youth envisioning a better community, and never standing in the sidelines to wait for something to happen, but instead going ahead and making their vision a reality,” said Ngan.

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