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ViewSonic announces their Simplify Complexity product lineup to be showcased at ISE 2017

ViewSonic Simplify Complexity Product Lineup
ViewSonic releases details about what to expect from their Simplify Complexity products at ISE 2017

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, releases details about the products that will be showcased at ISE 2017 for its 30th anniversary Simplify Complexity campaign.

“Simplify Complexity is a scope of different solutions developed to lower the barriers for the adoption of cutting edge technology, making the integration of new technologies a simpler process for the future ”, said Brian Wei, ViewSonic’s Director of Commercial Displays & Solutions, Europe. “We have partnered with some of the most dynamic software and hardware companies in the industry to develop and showcase our most high-performance and user-friendly Interactive Flat Panels, Corporate Displays, and Projectors to date.”

Heading up ViewSonic’s Interactive Flat Panel display line will be the company’s new ViewBoard digital whiteboard. ViewBoard offers a collaborative large format display solution, with models specialized for use in both the corporate and education sectors. The ViewBoard, is available in 75” and 86” and comes with an embedded computer which aids in its ease of installation and connection. Other features such as multi-point touch response and screen recording make it a versatile tool for use in the boardroom or the classroom. Moreover, ViewBoard’s exclusive Google Drive Save function gives it an edge over the competition by providing an efficient means to storing and sharing content.

ViewSonics’s CDM series digital signage will also be featured at the exhibition with the unveiling of a new addition to the signage line. The new model will fall under the company’s Smart Signage category of CDM displays, which are Android based, and will be available in 43”, 49” and 55”. CDM displays have already garnered a reputation for being user-friendly and effective signage solutions for both retail and corporate use. The new model will feature an embedded computer for flexible connection and installation, as well as touch screen functionality for a more interactive experience. ViewSonic’s Smart Signage sets out to provide users with a more dynamic way to promote business and connect with clients in settings ranging from hotel lobbies, restaurants, gyms, and everywhere in between.

ViewSonic’s projector line will be presented with the company’s Pro8530HDL, LS820, and LS830 projectors, which offer a user-friendly approach to high-quality projection. The Pro8530HDL is from ViewSonic’s Pro8 series and is a specially designed solution for large venue projection where managing projector setup and maintenance can prove to be a challenge for installers. Pro8’s design and features have been specifically developed to provide a highly flexible intuitive form projector with easy installation and maintenance. Attendees will also get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of products from the company’s Laser Projector series for home theatre and installation projection with the LS820 and LS830. Both models are Ultra-Short throw projectors and offer top of the line performance and quality through the use of laser technology.

“We feel that our user-friendly approach to the products showcased at ISE 2017 will help our users to more seamlessly embrace high-technology in their workflow”, said Brian Wei. “We look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition and eager to hear your feedback on our latest showcased solutions."

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