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ePLDT enables smarter government through digital transformation

ePLDT enables smarter government through digital transformation

Governments around the world are now tapping digital transformations to speed up their core functions. This is why ePLDT, Inc., with its ongoing initiative to enable customer success through its dynamic digital infrastructure, engaged in a strategic collaboration with the Asia Cloud Computing Association and PLDT Enterprise to promote cloud computing and data center use in the country’s public sector.

Through its recently concluded Tech Brunch: Digital Transformation for Smarter Government event at the New World Makati Hotel, Jovy Hernandez—FVP & Head of PLDT ALPHA—emphasized that the government also needs to beef up its processes with robust infrastructure just as businesses do.

“Similar to how enterprises are starting to shift their internal and external operations and services over to digital, the public sector has now realized that solving real-life problems with the use of technology is vital to serve today’s ever-changing citizen,” Hernandez said. “We at the PLDT group have embarked on a similar journey. We have partnered strategically with both local and foreign organizations to advocate global best practices such as what we have today.”

ePLDT, Inc. is the digital enterprise enabler of PLDT. It sets the pace for innovation in the telecommunications and IT industry.

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