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Southeast Asia’s eCommerce Leader Lazada Enlists Anti-DDoS Solutions Expert Qrator Labs

Anti-DDoS Solutions Expert Qrator Labs

Lazada Group has chosen Qrator Labs as its technology partner in DDoS mitigation to ensure continuous Internet resource availability for its eCommerce operations across Southeast Asia. Lazada, the number one online shopping and selling destination in the region has seen traffic to its websites and mobile apps more than double every year.

The announcement comes on the heels of a successful 6-month collaboration in which Qrator Labs deployed a unique solution to boost Lazada’s internet resources for steep traffic surges, and to fortify against external hacking attempts. The solution ensured 100% uptime and reduced latency, hence a seamless experience for Lazada’s shoppers even during its 5th Birthday which pulled in about 70 million visits over the 3-day sale event in March.

The solution involves building a traffic filtering network connecting Lazada’s three data centers – in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia – to deter and mitigate risks of DDoS intrusions. This has been designed specifically for Lazada with data collected and analyzed by Qrator Lab’s gobal internet monitoring tool.

Qrator Labs has also opened a new node for traffic transmission in Singapore to provide additional connectivity in the Southeast Asia region.

The customized solution is fully integrated into Lazada’s system to protect Lazada’s web and mobile sites across six countries -- Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

“As an eCommerce platform we are always on for our shoppers and sellers, thus having a world-class technology infrastructure is critical to ensure a superior user experience. We are pleased to work with the team of tech professionals and scientists at Qrator Labs to provide a secure, fast and high-quality online shopping and selling experience for our users,” said Vladimir Ivanov, Senior Vice-President for Technology Infrastructure, Lazada Group.

“With a strong scientific background and over 10 years of conducting research with our clients, Qrator Labs was able to build a reliable infrastructure for Lazada. The effective solution we’ve built, allowed the company to manage traffic loads and offer their customers an excellent shopping experience with no interruptions. Lazada is our largest customer in Southeast Asia and we couldn’t have asked for a better start in our Southeast Asian expansion. The region is one of the most important for our company and we seek to continue our business development here,” said Alexander Lyamin, CEO and founder Qrator Labs.

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