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Cleanfuel Expands Network to Drive Growth; Opens New Service Station in Kamias, Quezon City

Cleanfuel Service Station in Kamias, Quezon City

Cleanfuel, the country’s leading independent fuel company, has recently opened its new service station in Kamias Road to further strengthen its network in Metro Manila and reinforces its efforts to provide a high-quality and cost-efficient fuel to more Filipino motorists.

The new fuel station, which is located at Kamias Road in Barangay Sikatuna Village in Quezon City, is the fuel company’s 14th station in Quezon City and 56th network station of Cleanfuel nationwide. It provides a better convenience for the growing motoring population in the area and the fuel demands of the eastbound residents.

The Cleanfuel Kamias station is equipped with first-class facilities such as clean and spacious air-conditioned restrooms, commercial space for lease, credit card facility, air and water services, and customer rewards program, which customers can availed points and redeemed products 24/7.

“As we continue to grow as a company, we wanted to make sure that we provide nothing but high quality and affordable fuel to Filipino consumers. The opening of Cleanfuel Kamias is a testament of what the company has achieved over the last decade as a brand and the value that we put in our business,” said Bong Suntay, President of Cleanfuel.

“We are not only providing auto LPG for customers, but we are also committed to bring diversified product lines from our clean 91 (unleaded), premium 95 (octane gasoline), and diesel products—all are environment-friendly fuels that adhere to the emission standards set for Euro-4 vehicles,” Suntay said.

Cleanfuel Euro-4

Further, the latest addition of Cleanfuel Kamias puts closer to realizing its target of completing up to 10 stations for 2019. Suntay expressed pride in the expansion program that the company has pushed aggressively.

“As we expand our business, we are sending a clear message that motorists can access quality fuel for less anytime. We are encouraging more private users to gas up at our stations and experience the same mileage, performance, and value for money they can get anywhere else,” adds Suntay.

At present, Cleanfuel has a total of 56 stations nationwide covering National Capital Region (NCR), Southern and Northern Luzon area. Their stations, as well as their onsite facilities, are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to make sure every customer enjoys their experience every time they drive through.

“The important thing is our steady growth every year. There are challenges along the way but we wanted to make sure that we managed our business correctly and create work opportunities for the Filipino people, while continuously providing quality fuel for less,” explained Suntay.

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