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Gaming Gets More Real Than Ever With the New RealMe 3 Pro!

RealMe 3 Pro

Gone are the days when you have to shell out a lot just to afford a phone that can handle your favorite mobile games. With roleplaying games (RPGs) at their peak right now, it just came naturally for smartphone brands to catch up to the hype. Mid-range brands like RealMe definitely took the opportunity, and now mobile game lovers have a new reason to celebrate with its newest drop, the RealMe 3 Pro.

Similar to its little brother RealMe 3, this model comes packed with features perfect for the price-conscious digital millennial. We break down all the cool reasons that will convince you to grab the RealMe 3 Pro hot from the shelves.

1. Nice display
With its 6.3 inch display and an FHD+ 2340x1080 resolution, you’ll never have to squint hard just to see the details of your game. The RealMe 3 Pro gives a pretty nice set of contrast and saturation, as well as decent viewing angles that will make your gaming experience so much better. Similar to the RealMe 3, the screen also comes with a teardrop notch, though this doesn’t get in the way of the display with the model’s 90.80 percent screen ratio.

2. Powerful Gaming Performance
RealMe3 Pro wasn’t joking around when it used the hashtag #RealGamingPro. The smartphone, which comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 AIE, can smoothly support mobile games—even the most popular ones in the market now. There is zero lag in performance, especially if you go for the options with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. For a phone at this price point, you get really great frame rates, even for games with heavy graphics.

3. Long Juice Life
Some might opt the RealMe 3’s 4,230mAh battery over the Pro’s 4,045mAh one but there is a good tradeoff for the difference in numbers. Unlike the RealMe 3, the Pro is capable of VOOC 3.0 fast charging, a huge plus if you’re always finding yourself running low on juice during your gaming sessions. It takes just an hour or more to power up its juice from low-battery to full status, and that’s even when the phone is in use.

At only 14,990php for the 6GB + 128GB model (12,990php for the 4GB +64GB), you’re definitely getting more than what you pay for with RealMe 3 Pro's solid set of gaming features. Even better news, you can make things more manageable in the wallet with Home Credit Philippines. You only need to visit a Home Credit partner store, present two IDs, and wait for the result of your application. Don’t worry, the approval process is near instant at less than a minute, so it won’t take much of your time at all.

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