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Here’s Why The My Home Credit App Is Your Next Financial BFF!

The My Home Credit App

The era of smartphones and mobile apps has made the world so much smaller and accessible to all of us. With just a swipe of our finger, we can now have a hot meal delivered to our home, shop without having to brave long queues at the mall, and even have someone do the groceries for us. Nowadays, money is not the only thing that makes the world go round, technology does too. So what happens when you mix both?

Home Credit Philippines’ My Home Credit App is an example of one good thing you get when you marry the two. The app, which has been installed in 1.5 million smartphone users, is the digital gateway to the consumer financing provider’s products and services.

Having built itself as a market leader in the industry by providing installment loans to those who used to have no access to it, HCPH is now digitizing their products and services—with their mobile app at the heart of it. Check out the list below to know all the cool features of the app.

1. Get payment reminders, loan updates, and check payment history. 
Tracking due dates can be a little challenging so the My Home Credit App made it easier by sending notifications for payments. Customers are reminded of their payment dates a few days before they are due and they also get notifications during the day itself in case they missed it. Loan details such as the remaining balance and payment history are also available via the app’s interface. It’s like having a personal loan manager on your mobile.

2. Chat with an agent. 
Get instant access to a Home Credit agent via the app through the live chat feature. Those who have downloaded the app no longer need to make long phone calls or wait for an email reply with this function that instantly connects them to Home Credit.

3. Get access to additional products. 
Eligible existing customers have the option to apply for an additional cash loan or credit card on top of their existing loans through the My Home Credit Mobile App. For the cash loan, the customer only needs to click the Apply Now button, fill up their details, and wait for the result of their application. Once approved, they can easily pick up their cash from any Home Credit partner store in two business days. Customers who are eligible for a credit card, on the other hand, will be automatically directed to the customer service hotline to apply.

4. Apply for app-exclusive products. 
A cash loan without any lengthy papers and dozens of documents? Eligible new customers can have access to this by applying to the app-exclusive cash loan of Home Credit. The process is as simple as it gets. Customers only need to hit the Apply Now button, key in the promo code needed to unlock the loan offer, and provide their loan preference and personal details. Pre-approved customers will be notified of the results of their application within one hour* and be asked to visit the nearest Home Credit partner store to verify their identity with a sales associate.

5. Apply for auto-debit payments. 
Keeping track and making payments can be a hassle for some, so the My Home Credit App gives customers the option to set auto-debit payments for their loans. The mobile app user only needs to provide their bank account details to allow automatic deduction from their account and skip going to payment centers.

Excited to try the mobile app? You can download the My Home Credit app at the Play Store now. You can also visit our website at https://www.homecredit.ph/.

*applications after 9PM will be processed the next day.

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