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Smart Giga Video, Giga Games and Giga Stories Mobile Data Promos Unveiled!

No matter what you love to do online, you can be sure that you can keep enjoying it more than ever—because Smart has just unveiled its Giga mobile data promos for streaming, gaming and social media sharing.

SMART GIGA Mobile Data Promos

All you have to do is dial *123# to avail of the new and updated Giga mobile data promos!

For all the videos you love to watch, Smart offers GIGA VIDEO and GIGA VIDEO+, complete with Video Every Day that lets you enjoy up to 1 hour of YouTube and more every day.


  • GIGA VIDEO 50 - 1GB + 1GB EVERY DAY for YouTube, iflix, NBA, Cignal & iWant + UNLITEXT to ALL for 3 days.
  • GIGA VIDEO+ 75 - 1GB data + 1GB Video Everyday for YouTube, iflix, NBA, iWant, and Cignal Play + UNLICALL to TRINET + UNLITEXT to ALL for 3 days

For all the games you love playing online, Smart’s GIGA GAMES has got you covered with Games All Day that gives you 1 GB of data for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and more every day.

GIGA GAMES Starts at:

  • GIGA GAMES 50 - 1GB data + 1GB ALL-DAY EVERY DAY for Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale for 3 days

And if you love being in the moment on social media, Smart’s got GIGA Stories with 1GB of Stories All Day so you can stay updated with all the content on Facebook and Instagram, daily.

GIGA Stories Starts at:

  • GIGA Stories 50 - 1GB data + 1GB ALL-DAY EVERY DAY for IG, FB, TikTok for 3 days

Note: Smart GIGA VIDEOS, GIGA GAMES and GIGA Stories promos are up to Php499 for 30 days, while GIGA VIDEO+ promo is up to Php649 for 30 days.

Source: Smart Communications

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