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Twitter Spaces now on Android!

People come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening, and in December, Twitter started testing a new way to bring the conversation to life with Spaces, a place for live, host-moderated audio conversations. Rolling out over the next few days, people with Android will now be able to join, listen, and speak in conversations over Spaces. Stay tuned - the ability to host is coming soon!

Twitter Spaces

Joining a Space on Android is easy. Keep an eye out for the purple aura in your fleetline and tap to join. You can also join Spaces via a link shared with you (via Tweets, DMs). People on Android can also use emoji reactions, view captions, and be invited to speak in a Space. Other updates to come include the ability to see more of who’s in your Space as well as naming your Space to add context for new joiners. Spaces are still early with more features to come.

They started this test with a small group of people on iOS and have been expanding access to different communities on Twitter to get their feedback. Now they’re expanding to give more people a chance to join Spaces and listen in! They’re working to give everyone the ability to create and host Spaces on both Android and iOS soon.

For real time updates and to give direct feedback, follow the team @TwitterSpaces.

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