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XTREME Appliances reminding us to show our love and gratitude to our mothers

Mothers are the rock and center of every Filipino home – they are the ‘ilaw ng tahan’ who give light, warmth, and guidance in the family. This Mother’s day, XTREME Appliances, your local one-stop shop home appliance brand, is reminding everyone to show love, respect, and gratitude to our mothers, grand mothers, aunts, teachers, and all women who continue to inspire us to be better.

Happy Mother's Day from XTREME Appliances

As we grow old and get caught up in focusing on our own lives — we tend to forget that our parents, especially our mothers, are growing old as well. Through this heartwarming Mother’s day video, XTREME Appliances shows us the importance of making time for our mothers regardless how busy we are. Make no excuses, spend time with your mom this Mother's Day.

Watch the full video here: www.facebook.com/XTREMEAppliances/videos/1401027613564993

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