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Career platform Recruitday aims to upskill thousands of Filipinos for a career in tech

Career platform Recruitday is proud to announce its rebranding to help Philippine tech talents connect to better opportunities and grow their career.


Recruitday recognizes that many Filipino workers want to work in tech-related roles, where the opportunities and career growth are. Yet there are many obstacles to completing the transition, such as skills mismatches and opportunity gaps.

Recruitday’s first initiatives to rebrand itself as a career platform focus on providing courses to help Filipinos excel in tech, rather than just listing job openings. With the pandemic retrenching workers from industries like hospitality and tourism, they needed a guide to help them shift to a more lucrative career path—which is what Recruitday aims to be. Both self-paced and instructor-led online courses teaching anything from the programming language of Python to cybersecurity analysis are now readily available on the platform.

The platform will also now offer webinars, workshops, and trainings all created with the goal of helping them land a tech job. All of these opportunities will help them join and connect with a community of like-minded people looking to grow their careers in the same industries.

“The digital transformation that was accelerated by the pandemic is showing us how crucial tech will be for the future,” said Recruitday CEO and Founder Joel Garcia. “But the reality is that there is a gap between supply and demand, with many Filipinos not yet equipped to work in the global tech landscape. We want to solve that.”

By helping opportunity seekers upskill themselves and move towards a more fulfilling career, Recruitday is going above and beyond the normal role of a job search platform.

Globally, hiring in tech-related roles is expected to continue enjoying impressive growth. In the US alone, employment in computer and tech-related roles is projected to grow 13% by 2030, with the rest of the world likely following suit. The apparent growth in tech is attractive for many looking for a career shift, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 22% of all workers have already done some sort of online tech training during the pandemic to boost their employability in an increasingly digital world.

Thus, even with all the opportunities readily available on its platform, Recruitday continues to work to find new ways to help opportunity seekers. This coming April, the platform plans to hold a career fair in the metaverse—the first of its kind in the Philippines.

“Because the metaverse allows people to meet and collaborate in virtual spaces, it’s set to have an outsize impact on the way we work,” Garcia explained. “Tools like MS Teams and Zoom have already shaped the way we work now and we believe the metaverse will have a much larger impact—we want Recruitday to be at the forefront of this change in the recruitment space.”

“Given the proper training and opportunities, Filipinos have a lot to offer,” concluded Garcia. “With Recruitday, we’ll hopefully start seeing more Filipinos in the global tech space soon.”

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