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realme Beard Trimmer Unboxing and Hands-on

Launching alongside the realme TechLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and other TechLife products last year, realme Philippines also released the realme Beard Trimmer.

realme Beard Trimmer Unboxing and Hands-on

Since I was able to get my hands on one. I’d like to share my unboxing as well as my hands-on experience with the device. So, let's deal first with the unboxing.

Unboxing the realme Beard Trimmer

The packaging comes in realme's signature yellow-colored box with a clean look design.

realme Beard Trimmer Retail Box

The front portion indicates the realme Beard Trimmer branding; while the model number, color, and customer care details are found on the back. You can also find the realme logo with the important features of the realme Beard Trimmer on the sides.

What’s Inside the Box

After opening the box and sliding its contents, you will see the realme Beard Trimmer with the comb (0.5-10mm) already attached to it, brush, sack, USB type-C to USB-A charging cable, and a quick start guide.

realme Beard Trimmer What's Inside the Box

After unboxing, let us now take a look at the physical overview and proceed with my firsthand experience of the device.

Design and Walk Around

The ergonomically designed realme Beard Trimmer is made of skin-friendly ABS materials with a matte finish feel. It is also lightweight and easy to hold even while shaving.

realme Beard Trimmer - Front

The front contained the realme logo, a comb length adjustment knob, an on/off button, and a notification indicator which is hidden when not in use.

realme Beard Trimmer U-shaped Blade

On the top is the self-sharpening stainless steel u-shaped blade. According to realme, the stainless steel blade is scientifically polished to achieve long-term sharpness and less skin friction to make shaving smooth and comfortable.

realme Beard Trimmer - Back

On the opposite side, there is a rubber grip on the top, and below is the USB Type-C charging port covered by a rubber flap.

realme Beard Trimmer Charging Port

Operation and Hardware

Before turning on the device, install first the comb by gently pushing the comb into the slot at the top of the device until it snaps into place.

realme Beard Trimmer Comb

To adjust the comb length, just turn the knob above the on/off button to the desired comb length. Each gear represents 0.5mm. Do not install the comb and adjust the comb length while using the device.

realme Beard Trimmer Comb Length Adjustment Knob

After the comb is adjusted to the desired length, turn on the device and gently move it to trim your beard.

The blade head and motor are fixed and lubricated to reduce noise with less than 68db so that there is no disturbance to others.

Travel Lock

The realme Beard Trimmer comes with a Travel Lock button to avoid accidental touch that can set off the trimmer while traveling.

To enable Travel Lock, make sure that the device is powered off. Then press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds until the indicator light turns orange and flashes thrice. The device won’t be able to turn on since it is locked with the indicator lights turning orange and flashing thrice.

To disable the Travel Lock, just press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds until the device starts working.

realme Beard Trimmer - Side

Cleaning and Maintenance

In terms of cleaning the realme Beard Trimmer, make sure that the device is powered off and unplugged. Clean it from the top with the included brush. Also, the device does not support full-body washing.

Battery Life and Charging

The realme Beard Trimmer is equipped with a non-replaceable 800mAh battery and can last up to 120 minutes on a single full charge. There is an LED battery indicator that directly shows the battery level so that you can monitor power usage in real-time.

realme Beard Trimmer Indicator Light

The realme Beard Trimmer comes with a USB Type-C charging port and takes up to two hours to fully charge. The device can also support charging while using so you don't need to wait for the battery to be fully charged.

realme Beard Trimmer Charging

Price and Availability

The realme Beard Trimmer retails for Php1,090 SRP and is available nationwide in both offline and online channels - Lazada and Shopee.

realme Beard Trimmer Price and Availability

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