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If you like Axie Infinity, check out PUBG MOBILE’s own Dream Monsters

Are you experiencing constant early eliminations in matches, on the brink of tier demotion, or simply having a generally bad day? Look no further for stress relievers, as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds MOBILE or PUBG MOBILE is bringing forth adorable pets to the game, and they have more uses than just their cuteness!

PUBG MOBILE x Dream Monsters
The battle royale game invites players to build up their own collection of adorable creatures for huge daily prizes and attractive in-game items.

PUBG MOBILE invites its players to login and tame their own Dream Monsters! Pet, feed, and interact with sea creature-like dream monsters daily to get huge prizes! These companions may not be able to directly help you on the battlefield but will be sure to cure you of your tilt or rage with just their looks! If their appearance isn’t enough, then fret not, they also provide you with amazing rewards if you take care of them properly and consistently.

After freeing the Dream Monsters from their bottles, players would only need to feed and pet them, give them a bit of a workout, and—totally optional—spoil them with Dream Monsters Care items, and they’ll eventually grow and evolve into even rarer and more valuable masses of cuteness by leveling up!

PUBG MOBILE x Dream Monsters Guide

PUBG MOBILE players can also accomplish missions, play an interactive mini game, and invite others to grow their own Dream Monster to gain rewards that have the same functions as Dream Monster Care items: keeping their awesome pets delighted and ecstatic at all times to reap an even higher return of investment!

Of course, PUBG MOBILE won’t let such extensive efforts be in vain and remain uncompensated. In exchange for taking care of the sweet little creatures, players can then sell them for Ocean Crystals, which in turn can be traded for exquisite and astonishing clothes, accessories, skins, and so much more! Players can also opt in to keep them and let them reach higher grades, which would ultimately increase their value, or show them off on social media platforms!

With more than 3,000 variations, players can build their own collection of Dream Monsters, each with their own unique trait! With that many versions, it wouldn’t be surprising if a player were to be one of the first few to acquire a certain variant despite its millions of daily active users.

The number of variations is reminiscent of Axie Infinity and its many different versions of Axies, especially its Aqua class Axies. Both versions provide their players with rewards for as long as they can maximize these adorable creatures’ potential. The difference? It doesn’t cost anything to get your own Dream Monster! Release your own from a bottle and raise it to glory, all for free!

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