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Ex-ByteDance executive leads MetaverseGo as CEO

When the cryptocurrency market experienced a boom during the pandemic, many NFT gaming projects found themselves lost without a platform and struggled to bring in the users needed to sustain themselves. This is where MetaverseGo comes in. The project's founder and CEO, Ash Mandhyan, is an ex-executive of ByteDance, a Beijing-based company that has been leading the charge in the blockchain industry. With a strong background in digital retail for over 14 years, Mandhyan returns to his roots as a startup builder.

MetaverseGo CEO, Ash Mandhyan
MetaverseGo CEO, Ash Mandhyan speaking to a web3 community gathering

MetaverseGo is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides gamers and newbie players easy access to play-and-earn games, guild participation, NFT collection and access to other decentralized applications. The platform promises fast and easy access through a user’s mobile number.

MetaverseGo Web App Snapshot
MetaverseGo Web App Snapshot, from metaversego.gg

There are many different ways to interact with the platform, from the user's perspective. The user can track their holdings, send and receive digital assets, invest in NFT collections and play various NFT games. Web3 entrepreneurs can also use the platform as a way of reaching out to their stakeholders. Users can search for guilds and play games without the need for a hefty investment. In fact, all you need is a sim to get you started.

With Filipino mobile internet users reaching over 80M this 2022 and a third of this dabbling into play-to-earn platforms, MetaverseGo is expected to help propel the gaming community into the future.

MetaverseGo Early Access Registration snapshot
MetaverseGo Early Access Registration snapshot, from metaversego.gg

MetaverseGo is now open for early access registration. Get a chance to win and own limited edition NFTs when you sign up. For more information, visit: https://metaversego.gg

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