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StackLeague June 2022 Bronze Lightning Series

Last June 21, the Lightning Series for the Bronze Tier challengers was held. A Php1,200 cash prize awaits the Top 2 winners of the series. The event was live-streamed through StackLeague’s official youtube account wherein live rankings for the competition were displayed. Different questions were needed to be answered by the challengers wherein they would earn points. Rankings were determined through the points earned all through the event proper. Participants had 1 hour to complete all of the challenges and win the competition.

StackLeague June 2022 Bronze Lightning Series

The participants fought hard and well to finish the different challenges of the Lightning Series. In the end, two challengers rose to the top and were declared winners. These are Gimel Contillo who garnered 100 points and Dominic Pagtalunan who gained 95 points at the end of the 1hr competition. It indeed was a close fight between the two. When asked about their tips on future contenders, the two had the same thing to say; practice coding everyday to hone your skills.

The StackLeague Lightning Series is the monthly iteration of the StackLeague competition wherein programmers nationwide battle it out to become one of the best in their industry. The Lightning Series is held every Tuesday of the month. It is an invite-only event wherein challengers for each class (unranked, bronze, silver) are able to participate. Gold Tier players are disqualified for this event. The event is hosted through the stackleague.com platform to which registered challengers will have access. Supported languages for this event are C#, PHP, Python, Java, and JavaScript.

For more information about StackLeague Lightning Series and the other StackLeague events, visit https://stackleague.com/.

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