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Indonesia's RRQ Hoshi to face the Philippines' RSG PH in the MSC 2022 Grand Finals

Indonesia's premier team - RRQ Hoshi will face the Philippines' remaining hope; RSG PH in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2022 (MSC 2022) finals.

MSC 2022 Playoffs Bracket

In yesterday's playoffs, RRQ Hoshi humbled RSG PH by handing them their first match series loss. This sent RSG PH tumbling to the lower bracket with Smart Omega that managed to score a defeat against the Myanmar dark horses, Falcon Esports. While they may have earned themselves a win against one of the most feared Southeast Asian teams, deja vu once again struck Smart Omega (MSC 2021 winners) against their match up with RSG PH. It was a close fight between the two Filipino giants, with a 3-2 in the end; securing their slot to the grand finals.

RRQ Hoshi made history as they put Indonesia in the running for the regional championship; the first time in the last two years. While they are reowned for being the Kings of Kings, the team has yet to secure a regional trophy back home.

Over in Latin America, RRQ's Brasilian brotherhood - RRQ Akira are touted as one of the hot favourites to win the championship in LIGA LATAM 2022, which is simultaneously happening in the West. Will the RRQ family turn the tide and secure both regional championships home?

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