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Top 35 Best Workplaces in Philippines List Revealed Showing 'Great is Possible' Amidst Evolving Workforce Landscape

The global authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work, revealed its 5th annual Best Workplaces List in the Philippines during an industry-leading awards ceremony at Grand Hyatt Manila last March 19 demonstrating their mission of making every workplace a great place to work For All.

Great Place To Work

The Best Workplaces were ranked in three different categories – honoring 10 small (companies with 30 to 99 employees), 15 medium (companies with 100 to 999 employees), and 10 large (companies with 1,000 or more employees).

Synchrony Global Services Philippines, a subsidiary company that manages Synchrony’s call center operations and select back office support, once again emerged at the top of the Large category. Accenture also remained in the second spot, and TaskUs placed third.

DHL Express Philippines, a global leader in the logistics industry, clinched a back-to-back win in the medium category. Coming in at second is Cisco, with Hilton rounding out the top three.

Kollab, a provider of cloud-first solutions and services, climbed to the top of the small category. ECo Global Consulting, Inc. remained in the second spot, while Limitless Connect clinched the third place.

DHL Express Philippines and Synchrony Global Services Philippines were also the first companies in the Philippines to be honored with a Great Place To Work Legend title, in recognition of their achievement in being part of the Best Workplaces in the Philippines list for five consecutive years.

An incredible 99% of DHL Express Philippines employees surveyed indicated that they believe they are treated as full members of the company, regardless of their position – demonstrating a true commitment to people first, purpose-driven workplace culture.

Now in its fifth year of recognizing the Best Workplace in the Philippines, Great Place To Work remains steadfast in its commitment to promote a high-trust workplace culture in the midst of unique challenges posed by an ever-evolving working environment, as encapsulated by this year’s theme: Great is Possible.

“Just as greatness was achieved through trust, respect, and camaraderie during the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect to witness even greater possibilities as we continue to build and nurture purpose-driven and people-first organizations,” said Antoniette Mendoza-Talosig, Managing Partner at Great Place To Work Philippines. “This starts with leaders paving the way in creating and institutionalizing what it takes to have a high-trust workplace culture—a leadership anchored in integrity, active engagement in effective two-way communication, and collaborative synergy with their people regardless of gender, age, or position in their organization.”

Mendoza-Talosig also described this year’s Best Workplaces in the Philippines as beacons of hope in the midst of the challenges faced by companies during the past year—among them the rapid pace of adoption of AI technologies in the workplace, establishing harmony among multi-generational teams, and undergoing changes in response to the evolving business landscapes.

Five years on, the Best Workplaces Badge from Great Place To Work remains the gold standard and a globally recognized accolade indicating an exceptional workplace culture. This year’s list of Best Workplaces in the Philippines was curated from responses from over 600,000 employee voices across 200 different Certified organizations in the Philippines using the Great Place To Work Model, alongside the data gathered from Emprising, its proprietary survey reporting platform.

True to its commitment to highlight the importance of trust in the workplace, Great Place To Work has gone beyond recognizing the Best Workplaces annually and is now actively participating in thriving industries in the country. Most recently, Great Place To Work has published its inaugural Best Workplaces in the IT-Business Processing Management sector and has collaborated with the academe and various industry associations. It is also looking to recognize organizations that create high-trust workplace cultures for members of society with unique needs.

Soon, Great Place To Work will also launch consulting services to help organizations proactively address their employees’ feedback on their workplace culture. “We aim to work more actively with business leaders and HR in shaping their workplace cultures, establishing accountability among leaders, and engaging in their long-term cultural journeys that guarantee business results. By doing so, we believe we can advance further in our mission of making every place a great place to work for all Filipinos,” Mendoza-Talosig explained.

She expressed hope that this year’s Best Workplaces in the Philippines will also be recognized on a bigger stage. “It will be our country’s pride to one day see a local company recognized as a purpose-driven and people-first organization in the global landscape.”

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