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Samsung is giving Android and Bada users free apps as a Valentine's Day Gift

Samsung is celebrating Valentine's Day next week and to celebrate that special event, Samsung is giving away a bunch of paid apps for free for Android and Bada users until February 21. If you download all the apps, you can get a chance to win a free $5 voucher for your next apps.

To download just visit Samsung Apps at the source below.

Supported Android devices:
  • Galaxy S(I9000)
  • Galaxy 5(I5503)
  • Galaxy551(I5510)
  • Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0(G70)
  • Galaxy S2(I9100)
  • Galaxy mini(S5570)
  • Galaxy Fit(S5670)
  • Galaxy S scLCD(I9003)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1(P7500)
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9(P7300)
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7(P6800)
  • Galaxy W(I8150)
  • Galaxy Ace(S5830)
  • Galaxy Y(S5360)
  • Galaxy Note(I9220)
Supported Bada devices:
  • Wave525(S5253)
  • Wave II(S8530)
  • Wave(S8500)
  • Wave723(S7233E)
  • Wave723(S7233E)
  • Wave 3(S8600)
Source: Samsung Apps

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