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Samsung Galaxy Y vs. Samsung Galaxy Pocket: Specs Fight!

The Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) and the Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300), both are Samsung's budget friendly Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) smartphone for budget-conscious consumers. Aside from their looks, can you really tell the difference between the two? If not, let’s look at their specs side-by-side after the jump.

Samsung Galaxy Y vs. Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung Galaxy Y Samsung Galaxy Pocket
830 MHz ARMv6
Broadcom BCM21553 ARM11 832MHz single-core processor, ARMv6
832MHz ARM 11
Broadcom BCM21553 ARM11 832MHz single-core processor, ARMv6
Broadcom BCM2763 VideoCore IV GPU Broadcom BCM2763 VideoCore IV GPU
Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread)
with TouchWiz UX UI
Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread)
with TouchWiz UX UI
3.0-inch QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
TFT capacitive touchscreen
(133 ppi)
2.8-inch QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
TFT capacitive touchscreen
(143 ppi)
180MB of internal storage 3GB of internal storage
MicroSD up to 32GB MicroSD up to 32GB
2.0MP fixed-focus camera
QVGA video recording @15fps
2.0MP fixed-focus camera
QVGA video recording @15fps
WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP
FM radio with RDS FM radio with RDS
3.5mm Stereo headset jack 3.5mm Stereo headset jack
GPS with A-GPS support GPS with A-GPS support
HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps; HSUPA
Accelerometer, proximity, compass Accelerometer, proximity, compass
Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery
before Php5,990
before Php4,990

If you can see both devices look like a shrunk version of their bigger brothers (Samsung Galaxy Ace for the Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus for the Galaxy Pocket) and the only difference between the Galaxy Pocket compared to the Galaxy Y is the amount of RAM, the new processor, the bigger internal storage, the price (It's Php300 Php1,000 cheaper than the Galaxy Y) and the smaller (2.8-inch) display of the Galaxy Pocket.

The main advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Y compared to the Galaxy Pocket is the bigger screen (3.0-inch), a faster internet speed (HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps) and a bigger RAM (290MB). While the Galaxy Pocket has a newer processor, bigger internal storage (3GB) and the price (Php300 Php1,000 cheaper).

- Galaxy Pocket has the same 832MHz Broadcom BCM21553 (ARMv6/ARM 11) processor and Broadcom BCM2763 VideoCore IV GPU with the older Galaxy Y.
- Regarding about the RAM of the Galaxy Pocket, one user said that the RAM is actually 290MB not 128MB. That's the same RAM with the Galaxy Y, but there are some who said the RAM is actually 384MB or 124MB. We'll update this post once we know the exact RAM of the Galaxy Pocket, so stay tuned.
- Regarding about the processor of the Galaxy pocket, one of our reader said "ARMv6 is ARM 11." To clarify that, ARM11 is an ARM architecture family which introduced the ARMv6 architectural additions. The ARM11 family are currently the only ARMv6-architecture cores, target more demanding applications and is used in smartphones from Apple, Nokia and others.

Update: It's now confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Pocket is indeed using 290MB or 289MB of RAM.
Update: (6/18/12) Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300) is now priced at just Php4,990 only. Read more

Now, which phone wins the fight?

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  1. i prefer g-y.. my phone today.. :) ive purchased it last week and its nice and responsive.. :)

  2. can i upgrade the firmare 2.3 to 4.0 in galaxy pocket?

  3. G-y more effective... RAM playing a lot of things should be considered...

  4. Hi,
    These cell phones have no independent GPU BCM2763.These have integrated GPU and CPU. In fact, BCM21553 is a Multimedia Processor, based on VideoCore 4. It uses an integrated ARM1136 CPU.

  5. Samsung galaxy pocket has 290 mb ram not 128. I have purchased it two days before only.

  6. samsung galaxy y application tech visit this site

  7. may document viewer po ba yung galaxy pocket, like pdf files? TIA :)

  8. Opo, meron na itong document viewer called Polaris View. Polaris View is a viewer-only version of the Polaris Office app found in higher-end Samsung phones.


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