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Have peace of mind, even when you lose your SIM with SIMsafe!

Ever experience misplacing one’s phone or being victimized by a thief? Isn't it stressful by the need to get another mobile number and rebuild contact lists from scratch! Now you can say goodbye to the annoying effort of recreating your contact directory from scratch and texting each contact to inform them of your new number with SIMsafe. More about SIMsafe after the jump.

With SIMsafe, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • One time fee of only Php120 which will cover you for 1 year. That's equivalent to just Php10/mo.
  • FREE replacement of the lost sim with the same mobile number
  • Ability to back up your contacts and download them to your new phone (Phone dependent)
  • Disabling of lost SIM to prevent it from being used

How to Avail of SIMsafe?
Registration is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. To register, text REG and send to 7467. (P1/msg)
  2. You will receive a text message outlining the next steps needed in the registration process. To confirm your registration, simply text the following to 7467 (P120/msg):
  • Agree password first name last name email
  • Example: Agree thunder Pedro Santos PSantos@xyz.com and send to 7467.

Does my phone support contacts backup?
After your successful registration, the SIMsafe system will send you a text message on how to back-up your contacts. Click here to see the list of supported phones

How to report a lost SIM and claim your replacement SIM?
Simply go to any SMART Wireless Center to report the lost SIM. Remember to bring a valid ID as well as the password you used to register to the service.

- SIMsafe service is open to SMART Buddy and Talk and Text prepaid subscribers only.
- SIMsafe service is not applicable for Roamers.

Now you can have peace of mind, even when you lose your SIM!

Source: SIMsafe

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