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How to register to Globe Prepaid Go Unli: Unlimited Calls, Texts & Facebook in just one single offer!

In today's highly-connected and social world, you need to be constantly updated with the latest goings on within your circle of friends. You text your high school buddies one Friday night to ask them their whereabouts hoping to catch up over drinks. You call up your college blockmates one by one to check if they can drive to Tagaytay for a quick weekend getaway. Finally, you log on to Facebook to update your Singapore-based BFF on the latest details about the Cybercrime Prevention Act so you can explain why your profile photo suddenly turned black.

You think doing all these will cost you an arm and a leg, or inconveniently change SIM cards just to save on costs? Not anymore. You can make it happen with Globe Prepaid.

From the network with no ‘nakaw-load' comes another breakthrough offer that will once again break the barriers of unlimited services. Introducing Globe Prepaid Go Unli, the newest unlimited promo that allows prepaid subscribers to ultimately make everything happen, so you can stay in touch with all your friends – no matter who they are and where they are, in every way possible.

Globe Prepaid Go Unli bundles unlimited calls to Globe and TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and unlimited access to Facebook on mobile for only P30 valid for an entire day.

For only P30, Globe prepaid subscribers are empowered to make it happen within their social connections. For a much affordable rate, you don't need to choose whether to text, call or browse through Facebook, because you get unlimited access to all of these in just one single offer. Be in the loop with all your friends across all networks, so no one gets left out in any conversation anymore. With Globe Prepaid Go Unli, you never have to feel restricted, because you don't need to keep track of your use or the amount you've allocated to enjoy the promo, because it's all unlimited, all day. Registration is a cinch, making all the best things happen for all prepaid users anytime of the day.

"Globe Prepaid is moving out of the conventional unlimited services once again with Globe Prepaid Go Unli, our biggest and most aggressive prepaid offer to date. It is perfect for subscribers who always need to stay connected to their friends and loved ones – through a text or two, a quick call, or a Facebook like, post or comment. Now you can keep up with your friends from all networks, including your Facebook connections all over the world," shared KD Dizon, Head of Globe Prepaid.

Added Dizon, "We understand that our prepaid subscribers are always on the lookout for value-for-money offers, thus we give them Globe Prepaid Go Unli. It is also the most unbeatable prepaid promo to date: P10 less than the same promo offered by competition, but you still get more with unlimited all-network texts instead of just Tri-Net. For us in Globe, this is the true definition of unlimited, as we constantly make the best things happen for our subscribers so that they can go lang ng go."

If you think that's all the promo can offer, think again. Registration happens to be unlimited too, giving as many Globe prepaid subscribers equal access to register no matter what time of the day or night. Just text UNLI30 to 8888 or call *143# to register.

What are you waiting for? Go make it happen with Globe Prepaid Go Unli, because you know you just can't get enough of unlimited. Globe Prepaid Go Unli is also available in other variants:

  • GOUNLI80 for 3 days at P80
  • GOUNLI150 for 7 days at P150
  • GOUNLI750 for 30 days

To know more about Globe Prepaid Go Unli, visit www.globe.com.ph.

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