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PLDT packages pharma mobile app with Smart M2M Pharma!

(Photo Credit: pinoytechblog.com)

Leading telecoms company PLDT, through its mobile corporate arm Smart Enterprise, will begin rolling out an enterprise-grade mobile application that will benefit the pharmaceutical industry and medical representatives for efficient monitoring of their activities and management processing. Smart  M2M (machine-to-machine) Pharma is a tailor-fit solution for medico-marketing or pharmaceutical marketing that bundles connectivity requirements and mobile applications that can run on desired smart devices such as smartphones or tablets.

“With technology playing a crucial role in today’s call for fast and efficient workflows, Smart M2M Pharma utilizes and packages an all-in-one solution that medical representatives need in their day-to-day field requirements,” said PLDT EVP and Head of Enterprise, and International and Carrier Business Eric R. Alberto.

“And as it runs on Smart’s widest network coverage, clients are assured of reliable connectivity wherever they may be.”

Mobile efficiency tools bundled in the SMART M2M Pharma allows a seamless single point of contact for necessary details in medico-marketing including a call-planning function for Doctor coverage and itinerary creation and approval.

It also shows a real-time view of inventory management with near real-time updates on stocks and managers’ view of sales’ on-hand inventory. Performance monitoring feature allows the tracking of accounts and doctors visited per sales force with a customizable overall performance view.

“The SMART M2M Pharma packages all the needed mobile applications in one device that also bundles connectivity making it a more cost-efficient choice for pharmaceutical companies,” Alberto adds.

The SMART M2M Pharma runs on both Android and IOS platforms, and comes bundled with an Apple iPad and Android tablets packaged with the nationwidest HSPA + and 3G connectivity from Smart.

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