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Epson LX-310 and LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printers: Now Faster And More Reliable Than Ever!

Building on its reputation as the world’s top dot matrix printer maker, Epson has introduced its next-generation narrow carriage dot matrix models: the Epson LX-310 and LQ-310. These new printers are upgraded versions of its best-selling LX-300 and LQ-300 models, and feature greatly improved speed and reliability.

Both the new printers feature a 128KB input data buffer memory that is double that of their predecessors. This enables the 9-pin LX-310 and the 24-pin LQ-310 to achieve high printing speeds of 357 and 416 characters per second respectively at 12 CPI – or almost 40% faster than the models they replace.

The Epson LX-310 and LQ-310 also have improved reliability ratings that are an astonishing 67% higher than their predecessors that were already renowned for their dependability. Both new models are rated for a mean time before failure (MTBF) of 10,000 POH (power on hours) compared to the older models’ 6,000 POH.

“Millions of our customers and their own customers around the world have grown to depend on the high performance and reliability of Epson’s renowned dot matrix printers without question,” says Noelle Gonzalez, Epson Philippines’ Head of Product Management. “That is why we are confident that these new vastly improved models of our best-selling narrow carriage range will first surprise them, and then go on to set new industry benchmarks for speed and reliability.”

The Epson LX-310 is currently priced at Php8,995 while the Epson LQ-310 is at Php11,095.  Both products are available nationwide.  An extra ribbon (aside from the starter ribbon that comes with the printer) would be given to customers who would buy the LX310 and LQ-310 from December 2012 until January 31, 2013.

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