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Design your future with the sleek, touch-screen Acer T232HL monitor!

Have you ever wondered how the “tomb designers” of ancient Egypt presented their creations to the pharaohs for approval? Did they construct miniature versions of their architectural ideas? Did they make drawings in layers of papyrus and explained them sketch by sketch?

Fortunately, modern-day architects and designers no longer have to build prototypes that may end up being rejected, or waste tons of paper putting lines and forms that often have to be revised and redone.

All they need is something like the sleek, touch-screen Acer T2 Series of monitors, which run on the latest operating system and support state-of-the-art video and graphics technology, and they can come up with architectural designs more impressive than the pyramids.

With edge-to-edge glass screen design, the Acer T232HL monitor, for example, creates a sort of a floating monitor, making it unique and eye-catching. Budding architects can impress potential clients by presenting their proposals with such an elegant display. The asymmetrical stand at the back of the monitor allows it to take a straight vertical position or a slanted one for flexible touch control ease.

With an awesome 10-point touch screen, the user can control the monitor using his 10 fingers all at the same time, making it easy for graphic artists to move objects and items around onscreen when doing urgent projects.

The Acer T232HL can also be tilted upward up to 60 degrees, if you want to control the touch panel from above, perfect for presentations or kiosks. The monitor has a vertical-alignment panel that supports in-plane switching or IPS, enabling wide viewing angles without changes in color or clarity.

For designers who are very fussy about color and image detail need not worry since the Acer T232HL has Acer Adaptive Contrast Management that supports 100 million:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time. This means images are clearer and blur in pictures or videos can be reduced.

The T2 Series also comes with Acer eColor Management, which brings a host of features to improve color, including adaptive gamma, uniform brightness and optimized sharpness.

The Windows 8-compliant monitor, which also comes with internal speakers, can also work with the latest applications or programs based on the new operating platform. So there’s no hassle for artists or researchers in opening or revising files they receive under a previous version or even the latest ones.

The T2 Series can also be ready to migrate to a fully digital environment. Equipped with HDMI and DVI ports, it allows high-definition video viewing and improves the quality of connection between the LCD monitor and your PC graphics card or other digital video sources.

Its USB 3.0 ports (a total of four) help increase file transfer speed, and more USB ports mean you can connect or charge peripheral devices.

And having a white 23-inch LCD monitor with LED technology makes the Acer T232HL monitor environment-friendly. It has no mercury content and consumes about 68 percent less power than traditional CCFL displays, and is also compliant with RoHS requirements and comes with recycled packaging materials.

Being wall-mountable, the monitor also offers the user flexibility in the way he wants to view his files or make his presentations to the clients.

Acer’s T2 monitor series, particularly the Acer T232HL, is truly the ideal gadget for today’s graphic artists, designers, lab specialists and architects. But nobody said it cannot be used by those who just want to have the newest and most sophisticated electronic devices in their hands. Touch a T2 now and design your future.

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