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Trend Micro launches 2013 Big Data Innovation Programming Contest for Filipino Students

Are you a programming wiz? Then Trend Micro is looking for you. Be part of the first team who will represent the Philippines in the Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest. This is an international contest participated in by Taiwan, China, and Japan. It has been running for 3 years now and 2013 is the first time that the Philippines is participating.

The 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest is the ultimate testing ground for all actively enrolled College/MA/MS/PhD students from any course/major within the Philippines. A team—composed of two to four students will be required to create a solution/application for Big Data to produce information that can be used to improve our daily life or increase a company’s business value.

Solutions will be judged based on the 4V characteristics of Big Data solutions: Volume (Scale), Variety (diversity), Velocity (high speed), and Veracity (authenticity). The amount of data to be used will only serve as an assessment on how the team’s program is able to harness Big Data features and how equipped it is to handle bigger data sets. The program must be written using widely accepted/used programming languages. If the language is not well known, the team should provide references that the judges can use to verify the technology.

The contest will have the following phases: First Round Elimination (Philippines), Second Round Elimination (Philippines), and Global Final Round (Taiwan). The Final Round First Placer will win USD 8000 and 5-day travel & accommodation to China or Japan.

“Trend Micro is opening the contest in the Philippines for the first time. This is in recognition to the strong talent base that we have. After all, Trend Micro’s biggest TrendLabs is in the Philippines. We are encouraging the students to join the contest and represent Philippines,” Myla Pilao, director for Core Technology Marketing, Trend Micro said.

The www.bigdataPH.trendmicro.com portal is now open. Deadline of team registration is on May 12, 2013. Make sure to register!

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